The first ICNA-MAS OKC Convention on the Seerah of the Prophet (saw) was organized Oklahoma City, OK with collaboration from the MSA of the University of Central Oklahoma on October 10, 2015. The idea for this conference came after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in response to cartoon drawings of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

This historic conference brought all the communities, mosques and organizations in Oklahoma together for an attendance of over 650 people. Many came from Kansas and some came even from Arkansas.
The theme of the conference was Muhammad: A Mercy For All. Sessions including topics such as “The Prophet’s Smile” with discussion on the character of the Prophet (saw) and “The Prophet’s Legacy” discussing what we as Muslims in America should be doing to keep the Prophetic way of impacting society alive. There was also a session titled “Who Is Muhammad?” in which we welcomed non-Muslims as well who had many questions about Islam. Speakers for the conference included: Wisam Sharieff, Suzy Ismail, John Ederer, Gyasi Mckinzie, Imad Enchassi, Naeem Baig and many others.
All the sessions and speakers were welcomed very graciously by the audience and the keynote session was highlighted with a fundraiser for the first ever Free Clinic in Oklahoma City being opened by ICNA Relief. The night was capped by a very lively Entertainment Session by Preacher Moss and Native Deen.

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