Since 9/11, ICNA Relief has been active in helping those victimized by the disaster. Through counseling, direct assistance and referrals, we have helped over 650 community members affected by the disaster through loss of job, income or a loved one. By helping them we also help thousands of their family members. Funded by the September 11 Fund, our case managers continue to assist a diverse array of clients. For the underserved we have been able to obtain over $35,000 from the interfaith Unmet Needs Table

At the same time, our Detainees Program has helped over 600 detainees and their families through referrals. We have provided over $375,000 in legal and emergency family assistance. We also work with media and elected officials to try to advocate for long term improvement for these families and for our communities so hard hit by anti-Muslim backlash.
American Muslim Detentions
Since September 2001, ICNA Relief has provided financial help to hundreds of families.  Following assistance has been provided:

    * emergency utility bills
    * help monitor the standard of legal care
    * legal bills
    * counseling and advise on Islamic matters
    * escorts to court
    * access to media
    * identify other assistance sources

Though other organizations have helped provide lawyers, ICNA has been the largest source of family help, paying out almost $350,000 total.

On September 11th the United States suffered an outrageous terrorist attack. This event has deeply impacted our nation, with uniquely dramatic effects on Muslims, South Asians, and Arab Americans.  ICNA Relief has responded to this terrible situation by providing assistance for families affected. This group also includes hundreds of families of the Muslim American Detainees, who suffer terrible shame and fear and real economic misery as they are unfairly scapegoated even though no link to terror has been established. Along with their freedom, many have lost their homes, their jobs, even their friends, who may be too intimidated to help them.

Since September 2001 ICNA Relief has provided financial help to over 600 such families, for emergency utility and legal bills, and helped them obtain other assistance when possible. We have provided airline tickets, counseling, escorts to court, and access to media as needed. We also help monitor the standard of legal care and advise on Islamic matters. Though other organizations have helped provide lawyers, ICNA has been the largest source of family help, paying out almost $350,000 total. And the crisis is not over. We receive calls every week from around the country.

Every case is unique:

  • Rafiq, beaten in jail after unfair media reports, and his family ostracized
  • Ali, forbidden family visits for 6 months at his jail, because he continued praying during the head count, and then secretly deported without word to his lawyer or family
  • Said, whose cell windows were painted shut, whose family visits were denied, and who remained in solitary over 8 months despite all charges being dropped
  • Uzma, who sold her furniture and home and finally gave up the American dream and moved back to Pakistan when her kids started to get too wild without their father; their father Anser, who was finally reunited with them, but with no money left to restart life
  • And many others, who have their own human experience and stories.

    ICNA Relief has responded to this crisis situation by providing legal assistance to detainees as well as direct relief payments, counseling and referrals for their families. Most of the detainees are Pakistani or Egyptian, and the rest from a range of countries from West Africa to Indonesia.

    We are writing this because of civil liberties and justice issues and to asking your support for these important services to immigrant detainees and victims of discrimination, especially through our community-based advocacy and direct relief programs. All donations go directly to families in urgent need.

    There are and will continue to be thousands of immigrant detainees in jails in the United States, with no access to legal assistance or to their families and with little hope for their future.  ICNA Relief is one of the few voices of hope and need your help and support.

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