ICNA calls upon all persons of conscience to help bring about democracy and freedom in Egypt

WASHINGTON DC (August 23, 2013) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is calling for a day of du’a (prayer) for Syria and Egypt on Friday, August 23, 2013.

On July 2, 2013 the Egyptian military overthrew the democratically elected government. Since then as many as 3,000 Egyptians have been killed and many thousands have been severely injured. The bloodshed committed by the Egyptian security services and the army has caused a great suffering of the innocent pro-democracy demonstrators.
Egypt is the largest Arab country with a population of about 82 million. ICNA President Naeem Baig said “It is a known fact that ‘where Egypt goes, the Middle east goes’ and we all pray for a strong and democratic Egypt. The people of Egypt deserve better and the current regime supported by the Egyptian military is not what the people of Egypt struggled for in the past 2 years.”
We call upon President Obama to officially halt all military aid to Egypt. The $1.3 Billion military aid is not serving the best interest of the Egyptian people. The US must send a clear signal to the Egyptian military that it must not become a hurdle in the path to democracy. ICNA also calls for the release of all political prisoners and demands that all independent media outlets be reinstated. All Egyptians must have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression and the crackdown of peaceful protestors must end.
ICNA is requesting all people of conscience to call:
The Egyptian Embassy (202 966-6342) and demand:
a) Stop the killing and torturing of innocent pro-democracy protestors.
b) Protect people of all faiths and places of worship.
c) Listen to the Egyptian people and bring back democracy.
d) Let the independent media work freely in Egypt.
The Whitehouse (202-456-1111) or the State Department (202-647-4000) and demand:
a) Stop the military aid to Egypt.
b) Persuade the Egyptian military to restore the democracy.
ICNA President, Naeem Baig appealed, “Making dua is the first step, so let us ask Allah, subhanau wa ta’ala, to bring justice and peace in Egypt. And, make an effort and let your voices be heard.”

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  1. As Salaamoaleykum;
    May Allah Subhanawatu’ala accept all your good efforts and continue to support you going forward. Ameen
    Just a typo/ correction in your Syria/Egypt du’a appeal. 4th paragraph last line. ” . . . and the crackdown of peaceful protestors. . .” – this suggests that the peaceful protestors are doing the cracking down. It should read “. . .and the crackdown ON peaceful protestors. . .”
    Jazakom’Allaho Khairun

  2. Salam,
    What is our role and how can we help the people in need, i understand making dua is the 1st step but what is next??
    We should not be able to sleep at nights considering the situation we have at hand in different parts of the world, so many innocent people die everyday, ask him who lost his beloved one.
    The whole point is Muslim Ummah is not united !!! the Saudi Kings should also play an important role

  3. Rather than telling Obama to stop $1.3 billion aid to Egypt and stop killings in Egypt, ICNA should tell Saudis and Kuwaiti and U A E to stop $12-20 billion dollar aid to the dictator to continue the killings and destruction of Egypt and infant democracy. The Muslim leadership including ICNA knows it very well but has no guts to bell the cats.

  4. President Obama must stop all aid to The military Governments and support the democratic elections which have legitimately placed President Alike the democratically elected president Obama, this president must also be given the chance to complete his office term. The greatest injustice is to give no value to the sheer loss of human lives including the lives of Muslim women and innocent children in Muslim societies.
    May Allah the almighty bless and guide the victims of aggression and who are losing loved ones.

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