A true champion in the fight against hunger and homelessness, Miriam’s Kitchen has been feeding the hungry in Washington, DC for over 25 years and providing individualized services for the homeless in a comfortable environment.

Founded in 1983 by the George Washington Hillel Student Association, Western Presbyterian Church and United Church, Miriam’s Kitchen has drawn the volunteer efforts of prominent figures (most recently, First Lady Michelle Obama) and continues to be a distinguished social service organization. Among its noble efforts are lunch and dinner services for over 400 people a day and case management services aimed at helping the homeless learn about services to help improve their lives.
This welcoming environment of respect, care and concern drew the attention of the Islamic Circle of North America and prompted its desire to take part in Miriam’s Kitchen’s activities. With a shared belief in human dignity, interfaith cooperation, and an awareness of social duty, ICNA Relief volunteered its time to the prominent DC organization. From helping in the preparations of dinner, serving food and refreshments, to simply welcoming attendees at the door, ICNA Relief had the pleasure of joining Miriam’s Kitchen multiple times.
With ICNA’s National Campaign Against Hunger fast approaching, such activities give us a firsthand look at the plight of the hungry in this country and how the selfless acts of people and organizations such as Miriam’s Kitchen can play a huge role in the alleviation of poverty and hunger.

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  1. i visited d.c in july this year,and i got to see lot of homelesses sleeping on the streets and benches.it was so shocking to me,they looked so different from homelesses in n.y.all these people every where.i even took a pic. of one of them,and send it to the website of the president which sent us 4th of july greeting saying “happy homeless day”.and i’m sooo happy to see this kitchen providing food to these people.

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