By Haseeba Syed


Let’s imagine, you come home after a long hard day of work, or school. Or, you’ve been running errands and doing other chores all day. You turn on the television, and tune to the news channel after dinner. Some of the words you hear most often include Muslim, Islam, and Muhammad. But what do you really know about Muslims and Islam besides what you’ve heard on the news and seen on TV?


You deserve to know what Islam really is about. “Islam” means submission to the will of God. It is a complete way of life, not just a religion. There are more than 7 million Muslims here in the United States. People of all cultures around the world represent Islam; Muslims are not just from the Middle East or South Asia.


Some common misconceptions about Islam pertain to Islam and women. Many people do not know the real reason why Muslim women wear a headscarf or dress modestly. Another misconception about Islam relates to terrorism, and violence. Another misconception relates to the Prophet Muhammad, and his position in Islam.


Here is your chance, to actually learn the truth about Islam and get your questions answered from real Muslim scholars. On Saturday, May 29th, a free symposium will be offered entitled “A Window to Islam.” This seminar is open to people of all faiths. The aspects involved in this presentation include an open question and answer session, along with a presentation about Islam’s approach to the family system and how to overcome family challenges. Also, there is a presentation that explores The Qur’an, which is the Holy Book for Muslims. Also, misconceptions about Islam will be explored. The origin of the Qur’an will be addressed. In addition, there will be live performances of Islamic songs and a cultural bazaar tour. The evening will conclude with an ethnic dinner.


This is a great opportunity for people of all faiths to open lines of communication and to discuss various issues pertaining to Islam and America. This event will encourage dialogue between people of different cultures and religions. One of the only ways to increase tolerance is through knowledge of each other’s beliefs and ideals. You may be surprised to know how many things Muslims have in common with people of other faiths. Muslims actually do believe that Jesus, Abraham, and Moses were all prophets. There are so many other similarities, and they will be discussed at the conference.


Come join the Muslim community and learn the truth about Islam. Get your questions answered from Muslim scholars that have a high degree of knowledge. Learn more about the similarities Islam has with other faiths. Take a tour of the bazaar and learn about different cultures. Come have dinner hosted by Muslims that are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. The symposium will take place on Saturday, May 29th, from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm, at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. Don’t miss this opportunity, and don’t forget to bring a friend along!


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