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CHICAGO, IL (December 17, 2010) – GainPeace, an out-reach project of Islamic Circle of North America has launched a bold venture in its public awareness campaign by placing ads about Islam on Buses and Train Ad running through in Chicago from October to December, 2010.


105 buses and 275 trains have been rented for this purpose. Similar projects on sub-ways and buses in other major cities have generated coverage by major media outlets and curiosity from the general public. So, why are Chicago Muslims spending thousands of dollars and committing numerous resources for the above ads? Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, Director of GainPeace, comments: “Islam and Quran is often a misunderstood, leading some to hold bias views on Islam with discrimination and suspicion of Muslims. This ad campaign will provide an opportunity for the people of Chicago to take a fresh and positive look at Islam through simple messages displayed on these billboards.”


The initiative is taken to dispel misconceptions about Islam (Image Courtesy GainPeace)
The initiative is taken to dispel misconceptions about Islam (Image Courtesy GainPeace)
There are an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, 8 million in the USA, and about 400,000 Muslims in Chicago. “Muslims in Chicago and around the nation realized that their faith of Islam is often underrepresented and at time misrepresented in the media. Good examples of this media bias is its usage of the terms ‘Islamic fundamentalist’, ‘Islamic terrorist’ when describing incidents done by Muslims etc. Adding to the media bias are the recent incidents that also ignited negative sentiments against Islam, namely the Pastor Terry Jones saga of him trying to burn copies of the Quran, and the NY ‘Mosque at ground zero’ standoff. This often gives a false notion that it is the faith of Islam and not some isolated actions of some Muslims as responsible for the events in the Middle East. This has a profound negative impact on the common public regarding Islam. The polls taken this year reflect that a majority of individuals in the USA sees Islam in an unfavorable way,” he further explains.


Therefore, Muslims of Chicago are running the Islam ad campaign to educate fellow Americans about the true and peaceful teachings of Islam and are providing free Islamic literature, including English translation of the Quran. A toll free number, 800-662-ISLAM and website, are advertised on all ads so anyone can call to discuss Islam and request free literature. Past media campaigns of GainPeace included ads about Islam on Chicago highway billboards, radio Station, city buses, and Taste of Chicago.


Messages on the ads include quotations from the Quran and facts about Islam:


‘Saving one life is like saving all of humanity – Quran


‘Protect the needy and the homeless’ – Quran


‘Quran – Prefect and Preserved, Memorized by Millions’


‘Prophet Jesus is mentioned 25 times in the Quran’


Quran contains 500+ scientific facts’


So far the response is great. “Hundreds of individuals from all backgrounds called the phone lines to ask questions about Islam and request free literature,” said Dr. Sabeel Ahmed. “One 92 years old individual called to request a Quran and mentioned that he would like to ‘give it a try’. Most of the callers are of college age between the ages of 18 and 34 years. About 3-5% of the calls are hate calls when the caller just dials the hotline and uses profanities before hanging up the phone. Overall the outcome from this campaign is very positive and hundreds of thousands of individuals in Chicago have been correctly educated about the teachings of Islam.”


Islamic Circle of North America, parent organization of Gain Peace, is one of the largest, non-profit, independent, grass roots organization of Muslim Americans with over twenty five chapters and affiliates. Its mission is to promote proper understanding of Islam and Muslims.


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  1. I want to say: The whole world of Islam should be proud to raise his head Islamic Circle of North America
    And I want to say to all of the works under this name:
    Do not give up the wrong times, but you will inevitably affect the order of God
    Sometimes under the illusion that we have reached a dead end .. Not be considered enrollment
    May the door with your hand … Perhaps the door behind him deaf does not hear
    May the door again perhaps the key holder and gold is no longer
    The accuracy of third and tenth, and Do not despair
    Try to pay and then gently strike it strongly
    Each door must be closed to open
    Be patient … And Do not despair
    Tomorrow …. The sun of Islam again

  2. Hi dude,
    I have one question. as you guys are using maximum freedom to spread your religion. Can a Christian or other non-Muslims can do same by pputting add and other means, especially in Muhammad birth place?

  3. I love Jesus, I love Muhammad S.A.W. and I love all the
    profets of Allah S.W.T. but I only pray to Allah S.W.T. who is the
    creator of this world and its content. I was christian for 32
    years, and I always consider Jesus as the profet of God, when I
    learnt that God’s name is Allah S.W.T. I agreed totally with that
    fact. Now, I have been Muslim, alhamdullillah, for more than 13
    years, my life has improved very very much as muslim. I pray 5
    times a day and I feel my heart in peace. I pray to Allah S.W.T. to
    give this benefit to the entire human beings. Amin. A bear witness
    that there is not God, except Allah S.W.T and Muhamad S.A.W. is the
    last profet of Allah. Viva Mexico y viva el Islam

  4. directed to George John, the comment and question which you presnted shows the little knowledge you have about Islam and its beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W During the time of the prophet and in Islam, opression of any human soul was and is forbidden, for Allah says in the Quran “..There is no compulsion in religion.” No one can force anyone to accept or practice Islam, however it is incumbant upon the ones who have knowledge to convey it to everyone. As for your question the Prophet never prohibited anyone from practicing or spreading their religion, when he migrated to Madinah he let the Jews and other pagan Arabs practice their religion. And when he came back to his birthplace Makkah he nor his followers shed a single drop of blood to gain authority. They even let those who did not believe unharmed and let them stay in Makkah and prctice their beliefs. Its a different story that Allah guided the people of Makkah.

  5. Muhammad whoever you are,
    I just listened to your VP of ICNA on the Radio for the first time.
    Your response to George John reveals more about you than it does him. And now putting together Mr. Baig’s way of responding with yours, I see a pattern developing.
    How does “using maximum freedom to spread your religion…” show “little knowledge”? Do you deny an open door for spreading Islam? Also, speaking of knowledge, how do the facts of history, news story after news story, muslim culture under current Shariah Law in various Countries, and the Text of the Quran, Muslim scholars, show little knowledge of Islam?
    If it is common knowledge, do you deny all the above?
    So you have insulted his intelligence and mine. Or you are living in a cocoon and know nothing, purposely. Muhammad said “During the time of the prophet and in Islam, opression of any human soul was and is forbidden,… Allah says…”There is no compulsion in religion…”. Yet your very next sentence you say…”however it is INCUMBANT…(spelled wrong)…upon the ones who have knowledge to convey it to everyone” Muhammad do you even know what “incumbent” means? Definition of incumbent- adjective: lying/ resting/ or pressing with its weight on something else; currently in office. Origin: L incumbens, prp. of incumbere, to recline or rest on …
    With its weight on WHO? Whose weight on who? Are you suggesting the weight of the Islamic Law, the Scholar? The Religious Leader? It sounds oppresive to me. Dictatorial. Legalistic. The scrap pile of history is heaped high with the hypocrites of such kind of leaders. None of them are graced with noble traits or goodness. Is that what you are? If It looks like a Control Freak, Walks like a Control Freak, Talks like a Control Freak, What is it…a misunderstanding? I think not and neither would you.
    Likewise, Abu Bakr, Muhammad’s closest companion and immediate successor, pressed Jihad aggressively in foreign territory against people who did not want war and were of no threat. In a letter sent to the Persians, the caliph bluntly stated, “You should convert to Islam, and then you will be safe, for if you don’t, you should know that I have come to you with an army of men that love death, as you love life.”
    Down through the centuries Muslims have forced Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, pagans and others to accept Islam, either by bluntly offering them death as an alternative, or by making their lives so miserable (ie. taxes, denial of rights…) that the conquered convert to Islam under the strain.
    Forced conversions persist among extremists. Recently in Egypt, a Christian girl was kidnapped and told that she would be raped if she did not convert. In 2010, an 11-year-old Christian boy in Pakistan was kept enslaved in chains (1, 2) by his Muslim landlord, who proudly told the world that he would liberate the lad if he embraced Islam.
    Ok Muhammad tell me and the rest of the world – how do you plead in the presence of Almighty Allah? guilty or not guilty?
    Do not be as VP Mr. Baig, do not insult knowledge, do not insult Allah with lies or open a corrupted mouth for the worms shall be in wait to capture your tongue and the cancer and ulcer shall be infested with them. For you know Allah hates liers and HIS anger burns against the corrupted schemers and oppressors of the weak, the poor, the brokenhearted. You know HE is a GOD of Mercy and not just to who you think, HE is the GOD of all and you are not HIM. HE sees your mind and the intentions of your heart. Nothing passes his notice. HE does not ask for your advice. Nor does HE ask anyone to write about HIM. HE is greater than you so deflate your ego. If HE wanted anyones blood HE would take it HIMSELF. Your offer of it is a stench to HIM, because you are far below HIM, do not lift yourself up.
    Stop insulting Allah with your puffed up platitudes of self-righteousness and claiming you know more than the TRUTH when you hide behind lies and the women and children that HE loves and cares for. For every story of Peace you present in the name of your ways there are a hundred of violence, hatred, and oppression. Allah sees this! You think HE does not care. When you sleep tonite tell me what confidence can you have that HE will not visit you in your sleep? Do your feet slip like your tongue?

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