JAMAICA, New York (November 19, 2007) – On November 15, 2007, Bangladesh was hit by a devastating super cyclone SIDR, with the wind speed recorded at 150 mph. The death toll is continuously on the rise. So far, over 3000 people have perished in this cyclone. The rising tidal waves also destroyed standing crops and food storage and has effected all the food sources. Millions of people have lost their homes and are forced to take shelter under the open sky. There is a severe threat of disease and shortage in drinking water.

The President of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Dr. Khurshid Khan, has expressed deep sorrow on this tragedy in Bangladesh. He said, “At this difficult time in Bangladesh, we first of all pray to Allah (SWT) to ease the suffering of these people affected by cyclone SIDR. He said that the Muslim American community should do its best in helping the brothers and sisters of Bangladesh.
ICNA supports the fund raising efforts of Helping Hand USA for the people of Bangladesh, and encourages all Americans to help alleviate the suffering of these people by donating towards this cause.

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