William Pitts, 12 News, July 7, 2015
Members of the Islamic community are hoping billboards placed along Interstate 17 will spread what they call the true nature of the Muslim faith. The billboards are near the Islamic Cultural Center of Phoenix and advertise a free Quran, as well as a phone number and website to call for questions.
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The group behind the signs, Islamic Circle of North America, said the signs are not meant to convert, but inform.
“If you want to know about Islam, talk to a Muslim,” billboard organizer Asif Mohammed said.
“People don’t know us. They know a little bit about us and they get it from the wrong source,” organizer Shazi Hashmi said.
Mohammed and Hashmi are organizing Muslim community members to sponsor more billboards around the Valley.
After 9/11, ICNA started the campaign to educate people about what Muslims believe.
The billboards are paid for through individual donations.
Report Courtesy: 12 News
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