By Adam Carter, March 28, 2016
Responding to the Terror Attack in Brussels and seizing the opportunity to look presidential, candidates’ comments focused on national security.

“I think for him to say that shows the kind of hate filled rhetoric that we just talked about”, said Carson.
“The fact is that we need unpredictability”, Trump said of his openness to using nuclear weapons. Ted Cruz, R-Texas speaks to the media about events in Brussels, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, near the Capitol in Washington.
“Anything with Trump is going to attract attention and provoke controversy”, Alberto Fernandez, a former USA ambassador who led the State Department’s Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, told Business Insider.
“I’m not racist”, he said.
Trump has called for waterboarding and other forms of torture, while Cruz has said that Muslim communities around the country should be subjected to targeted surveillance by authorities.
“This would be discriminatory fundamentally discriminatory because picking out a population simply because they practice a certain religion so a police squads aren’t going down all neighborhoods they are going down Muslims neighborhoods”, says Professor Mike O’Loughlin.
Had European gun laws been in line with those in the U.S., the terrorists may not have succeeded in bringing carnage to the streets, he said.
Groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Circle of North America are working with mosques to organize voter registration drives before the November elections, according to the New York Times, so Muslims can make their voices heard.
Ali added that his heart goes out to victims’ families and Temecula Valley Muslims intend to pray for them during Friday prayers. We have doctors, nurses, schoolteachers, police officers that are Muslim. Trump is terrifying in many respects, but Cruz is arguably more so because he’s surrounding himself with people who are not only based in reality (i.e., have spent time in the White House), but believe in the abhorrent and discriminatory principles Americans are taught to deride. “They are dying every day to protect their countries and fight the terrorist organization and what we need to do is we need to help them rather than scare them and terrorize them”. “You identify the problem and root it out”. If Mr. Trump gets his way, it will be like Christmas in the Kremlin’. “It’s not the answer”.
Article Courtesy: TJC Newspaper

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