NEW YORK: The General Assembly meeting of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) was held in New York from January 28 through 29. Members of General Assembly (MGAs) os ICNA from different states attended the meeting in large numbers. During the two day meeting, the MGAs reviewed ICNA’s last year performance while reports concerning different state chapters and ICNA’s affiliate organizations were also presented. Significant among these were the reports concerning Dawa, relief and education departments, said a press release issued by ICNA from its New York headquarters.

The MGAs eulogized the ICNA performance during the natural disasters such as the Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the South Asian earthquake. The MGAs also expressed their full satisfaction at the transparency with which these projects were run by ICNA and its affiliate organizations.

Chairman of the ICNA Relief Board informed the MGAs that ICNA Relief was carrying out its international projects in partnership with its affiliate – the Helping Hands. He said it would continue to complete international projects with Helping Hands USA in future too. The MGAs after detailed review and discussions on different ICNA projects carried out during the preceding year endorsed all the decisions made by the ICNA Ameer during this period.

Speaking on the occasion, ICNA Ameer Dr Khursheed Khan expressed gratitude to Allah for making the organization vibrant and effective. He said ICNA is an open organization and is working for the Deen of Allah. He expressed satisfaction at the fact that all decisions were being taken with full consultations of MGAs.

Dr Khursheed Khan said the basic objective of ICNA was to let the message of Allah and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) reach the fellow countrymen in the United States. He said every Muslim was duty-bound to preach the Deen of Allah wherever they are. He said every individual Muslim was bound to pray five times a day and to recite the Holy Qur’an. At the end of the meeting, Dr Khursheed Khan lead a special prayer for the father of Professor Zahid Bukhari, father of ICNA New York Ameer Dr. Yusufuddin and the death of wife, daughter and brother of senior member of ICNA and former in-charge of ICNA book service in an accident. The meeting prayed to Allah to rest the departed souls in eternal peace and give courage and fortitude to bear the losses with fortitude.

This years meeting was attended by MGAs in record numbers, including several former Ameers. Senior ICNA member Amrullah Hussaini, despite his ailing health, participated in the proceedings on both days.

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