First Prize $5000


  1. Entry is a three-part process; your entry is not final until the following three steps have all been taken:
    1. First fill out the online submission form above for each submission.
    2. Once your video has been uploaded, we will send you an email confirmation.
    3. Submit your release forms and mail hard copy to mailing address.
  2. We will alternatively accept Submissions via mail. Participants will still have to register on ICNA Media website. Submissions sent via mail must be accompanied by completed Submission Forms and may be sent to: “Defending Shariah Video Contest, ICNA Media, PO Box 1112, Santa Clara CA 95052.
  3. DVD’s should be mailed within a week..
  4. All submissions will be required to have a slate at the end.


  1. Video must be between 1:00 minutes – 3:00 minutes in length (including mandatory end-slate).
  2. You can submit up to 3 videos.
  3. Poor audio and video quality will not be accepted so please ensure that you have HD quality
  4. Must include the “Defending Shariah” end slate at the end of the Submission
  5. Submissions must be made in English only.
  6. Must be prepared in any one of the formats: WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4 or MPG file
  7. Must be HD quality and NTSC format.
  8. Must be minimum 720h X 480v. Highly prefer 1280hX720v or 1440hX1080v or 1920hX1080v.


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