JAMAICA, New York (June 27, 2011) – The Islamic Circle of North America is pleased to invite you to its annual fundraising dinners with keynote speaker Dr. Tariq Ramadan, being held in the month of July in several cities across the United States.

Renowned Islamic scholar and Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies Dr. Tariq Ramadan will keynote the events. He will be joined by various speakers including Dr. Zahid Bukhari, president of ICNA, Bayyinah Institute’s Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda, Sheikh Monzer Talib and Sheikh Abderraoof Alkhawaldeh. All proceeds from the events will support ICNA’s local and nationwide initiatives to reach out to the general public and dispel misconceptions about Islam. Details are as follows:
New Jersey
Saturday, July 16th 6:00 PM
Double Tree Hotel
200 Atrium Drive
Somerset, NJ 08873
Featured Speakers: Dr. Tariq Ramadan, Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda, Sh. Monzer Talib
Ticket Price: $30 for individuals/$40 at gate
Tickets & Info: www.icnanj.org / 877-363-ICNA
New York
Sunday, July 17th 6:00 PM
International JFK Hotel
144-02 135th Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11436
Featured Speakers: Dr. Tariq Ramadan, Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Sh. Monzer Talib
Ticket Price: $100 for individuals/$200 for families
Tickets & Info: www.icna.org / 718-658-1199
Wednesday, July 27th 6:30 PM
Hyatt Regency Hotel
701 East Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75082
Featured Speakers: Dr. Tariq Ramadan, Sh. Abderrraoof Alkhawaldeh, Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda
Ticket Price: $25 for individuals
Tickets & Info: www.icnadallas.org / 972-669-9625
It is extremely necessary for Muslims to empower themselves and join the national conversation regarding our faith and rights. Please join us as we work to foster a better understanding of Islam and Muslims amongst the general public—in schools, at work and in our neighborhoods. If you are unable to attend please donate generously to our efforts at www.icna.org/donate.

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  1. ASAK,
    Please consider signing the petition to stop “The Great Anti-Sharia Freakout” at MoveOn.org . If you’d like to learn more before signing, join the LinkedIn discussion for readers of the Economist Newsmagazine .

  2. Please show one successful example/nation of sharia law in the East? Or where has it been implemented? Nowhere.
    Quran has the answers and the hadith have to be read with a lot of scrutiny. You don’t have to be a scholar to understand islamic law. The Mullahs want you to be dependent on them for guidance. There are a lot of issues that we think the Quran doesn’t answer or is vague but the answer is there and clearly defined. The so-called islamic scholars-Mullahs have hijacked islam and that is why muslims and the “islamic” countries are in the state that they are in. Quran was sent down to make life simpler, not more complicated. The narrators of the ahadith were not prophets or sahabees, they were people who compiled sayings (heresay) long after the prophet (pbuh) passed away. The Mullahs want you to rely on them and follow there thwarted ideas of:
    1)Not adopting, or if you adopt, don’t give them any of your inheritance. Foster mother has to cover herself completely from the son or the adoptive daughter has to cover herself completely from the foster father.
    2)Women can’t travel alone or with any non-mehram
    3)Stoning to death for adultery (not in quran only in hadith)
    4)Following wrong divorce practices
    5)Beating of wives by their husbands is allowed (misinterpretation of Quranic verse and in ahadith)
    6)Any girl or boy who reaches puberty can marry (quran talks about mental maturity, ability to understand contract=nikkah) Ahadith state that Hazrat Aisha marrying the prophet when she was six and then consummation at the age of nine. (statutory rape, pedophilia permissible in islam??) If you read the quran you find references that would make her 15 at time of nikkah and about 19 at time of consummation.
    7)Women can’t hold office or be rulers (only in hadith, not in quran) Actually this is quite contradictory to Qur’an in as much as Qur’an upholds leadership of Queen of Sheba (Bilquis) who over-rules the advice of her male advisors and makes peace with prophet Salman (Soloman). See verses 32 to 35 of Chapter 27. When Bilquis asks for opinion of all her male advisors whether we should fight or make peace with Sulaiman, they advise her to fight and not to surrender. But she over rules them and decides to make peace arguing “Surely kings when they enter a town, ruin it and make the noblest of its people to be low; and thus they do.”
    We see that Qur’an upholds wisdom of a woman in not fighting and making peace with stronger ruler and saves the nation from ruin. But the ahadith say just the opposite that if a woman becomes ruler it would prove ruinous for the nation. The hadith thus suggests that Prophet contradicts Allah’s revelation which is not thinkable.

  3. Reply to ba:
    Some of your arguments are strong.On the other hand talking of Quran & Hadith, Prophet(pbuh) and companions need immense of knowledge.
    I would sincerely advise you whether you are a muslim or non-muslim; be very careful narrating or interpretting Quran and Hadith. People could loose Hidaya or ‘Taufeeque’ while saying these things wrongly or with wrong intention and.Allah knows best your intentions.I will imagine and consider good from you.
    Qulification is important to have in every field.Arabic is not an easy language esp. when it comes to words of Allah.
    I would also sincerely advise to refer to learned scholars. I personally recommend Zaytuna institute and College. People like Sheikh Hamza Yousuf and others who are in the western hemisphere and have better understanding of tranditional isalmic sciences.

  4. Re. post by SA above:
    In Quran Allah(SBT) says that He has made it(The Holy Quran) easy for all to understand. A well educated person who puts in adequate time and effort is qualified to understand it. There in no concept of Clergy in Islam to be the sole agents to understand Quran & Hadith for other Muslims. An industry of Madrassas has been responsible for making Muslims believe that they can not understand their religion. This is the genesis of clergy in Islam. And the graduates of these Madraessas don’t hesitate in issuing FATWAS on anything and everything.
    In Islam Believing Men and Women have equal status(the best amongst you is the one most righteous). This does apply to both genders.
    Two weeks back in a Friday sermon I heard an Imam saying, ” A woman will not enter Paradise except with the permission of her Husband”. He said it was an Authentic Hadith.
    These people are committing the greatest harm to the most beautiful religion of Islam. They need to be confronted(intellectually) by very learned people like Professor Tariq Ramadan of Oxford.

  5. This makes my skin crawl. There is nothing about Sharia law to understand-it is despicable- inhumane- and counters everything that is good in this world. You can’t make peace with wild beasts. Watch one of the many videos on You Tube, showing the beheadings done by this death cult. Then have a lovely dinner with your enemies, listen to the lies- and just ignore the reality.

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