JAMAICA, New York (March 24, 2011) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) announced that it will turn off all non-essential lighting across participating ICNA chapters and headquarters for Earth Hour and encouraged all American Muslims to do the same.

Earth Hour, which will take place Saturday, March 26th at 8:30 PM local time, is an event in which billions will turn out their lights for one hour to support action on climate change. 2011 marks the fourth year of this event, which last year attracted participants from more than 128 countries around the world. Lights dimmed on global icons such as the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and the Pyramids at Giza.
According to Islamic belief, the Earth is a sanctuary in which mankind was made to dwell in comfort. There are more than 700 verses in the Quran that encourage believers to reflect on nature. God further compels Muslims in the Quran to respect and revere the environment when He says, “Greater indeed than the creation of man is the creation of the heavens and the earth.” (40:57)
The Prophet Muhammad told his followers they would be rewarded by God for taking care of the Earth. He said, “If any Muslim plants any plant and a human being or an animal eats of it, he will be rewarded as if he had given that much in charity.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)
The nuclear energy crisis in Japan is one of the many horrors our planet faces; greed is still robbing the earth of its natural resources, and global warming remains an every day issue. ICNA invites you to participate in Earth Hour 2011 and do your part for the environment.
What can you do?
1. Register your commitment through ICNA’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/ICNA
2. Turn off your lights on Saturday, March 26th at 8:30 PM local time.
3. Unplug unnecessary items for 1 hour (chargers, laptops, electronics, etc.)
4. Go “Beyond the Hour” this year and make a daily change in your life that will better the environment. Whether you decide to plant a tree, recycle bottles or reuse plastic bags, commit to an action that will brighten the future of our planet. Share your plans at Beyondthehour.org.
5. Promote this event on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
6. Promote Facebook Event Facebook.com/event.php?eid=199886526700213
7. Submit your Earth Hour 2011 videos and photos to be showcased on our YouTube Channel: Youtube.com/ICNAtv
Local Chapters and Mosques:
1. Encourage participation in Earth Hour amongst your community.
2. Deliver a talk on energy conservation at mosques, schools and at home. Make sure to include facts on the importance of this earth, how much we waste and the consequences of our actions.
3. Encourage everyone to make this change an everyday part of their activities—at the mosque, community center, home, school and work.
4. Plant trees, flowers, or vegetables in your mosque or home and encourage the community to do the same.
More information can also be found at Earthhour.org/TakeAction.aspx.

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