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Family is the oldest and the most basic human institution. The family provides the essential support needed by human being at every stage of life. Given the importance of this institution, its existence on sound principles is extremely important for harmony and prosperity of the society.
Letter by ICNA President, Dr. Zahid Bukhari
Jummah Khutbahs Campaign: Appeal to Imams to participate. Please Read and Sign up Online!

Muslim Family Campaign Poster
Muslim Family Campaign Poster

Unfortunately, the institution of family and the quality of values that it provides has been steadily declining with time. The marriage rate has been declining consistently whereas the divorce rate and single parenting has been on rise. Family violence, spouse and child abuse are making families dysfunctional. This turmoil is directly influencing younger generation. Youth Violence, substance abuse, sexual assaults, teenage pregnancies etc. are becoming more and more common. The geriatric depression is taking its toll on elderly due to loneliness and lack of family support. The net effect of all this is lack of productivity, increased crimes and unrest in society. The financial consequence of all this is getting out of control. The cost of youth violence alone is estimated to be about $158 billion/year in terms of healthcare cost, decreased property value and disruption in social services.  Click here to read more.
ICNA National Family Campaign Website
Insha Allah, Mega Events in Eight Metropolitans Kick-off ICNA National Family Campaign
 Six Flags theme parks – nationwide – are set to transform as ‘Muslim Family Day’ for Eid celebrations, organized by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). This multi-ethnic events bring Muslim families together in a fun-filled, culturally Islamic environment providing entertainment for the entire family.
 Throughout the day, organizers will hold special programs for the community. There are special arrangements for prayer calls, congregational prayers, Halal ethnic food, large Islamic goods bazaar, and presentations by renowned speakers as well as Islamic entertainment.
All this is, of course, in addition to the regular thrills Six Flags is known for. All in all, the launch of National Family Campaign with these events promises to be a joyful showcasing Muslim community unity, Insha Allah.  Alhamdulillah, this will be the largest Eid Celebrations in United States.  Please visit event website for more information.
National Grassroots Campaign Aims to Organize Thousands of Family Meetings at Homes
The factor most likely responsible for whether we have a happy and satisfying family life is how we communicate with each other.
What is a Family Meeting?
Who Benefits from a Family Meeting?
What are General Guidelines for a Family Meeting?
What are Possible Agenda Items?

We invite you to schedule one such meeting at your home at your earliest.  Insha Allah, continue to visit the website for updated information and guidelines on such meetings.
The Message Magazine Publishes a Special Family Issue
Recent trends in American Muslim community indicate that rather than being the role models, Muslim families are actually demonstrating very disturbing and dismaying pictures that are common in the wider community.  Having observed this disheartening scenario, The Message, have made humble efforts to address these issues in two of its most recent issues: “No to Domestic Violence” (February-March 2009) and “Dealing with Muslim Teens in America” (June-July 2009). The current issue of The Message is indeed part of the extremely important national campaign by ICNA: “Save Family, Save Society”.
This issue features articles from Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Prof. Sulayman Nyang, Yahya Emerick, Dr. Riaz Khan, Dr. Rida Beshir, Muqtedar Khan, Sh. Ahmed Kobeisy, and more.  The entire issue will be available online at
Campaign Invites Your Community to Hold Workshops on Family and Parenting Issues
From NYC to Los Angeles, from Dallas to Detriot, from Miami to San Francisco, from Atlanta to Seattle – several communities have already signed on to host day long family and parenting workshops.  Insha Allah, we look forward to have your community join this national effort.
For more information, please contact us.
Suggested topics for these workshops are:
• Positive parenting skills
• Effective Communications
• Conflict Resolution
• Anger Management
• Achieving Spousal Peace
• How to prepare a Will?
Setting Right Priorities
He stretched out his hand to lay it upon hers as he studied the harsh lines that had now defined the face of his once beautiful wife.
Sitting across from him Halima knew this gesture had come too late; there was nothing that Fareed could do to take back the pain and suffering of the past few years. She silently slid her hand from underneath his, stood up from across the kitchen table, and walked over to the room of her beloved son who was now merely a memory.
At that moment Fareed knew something as well, he knew that the trials and tribulations had reached their peak with the distance his wife kept from him, but there still had to be a glimmer of hope and with that thought he retired to his room for the rest of the evening.
Read full article here.
Where do you fall on the spectrum of parenting styles?
Every mom and dad has a parenting style based on his or her personality type, background and experience.
Experts say that there are four styles of parenting; these are: Permissive, Free-reigning, Authoritarian, and Controlling.
These styles each have their strengths and weaknesses, but in general, they either build self- esteem or tear it down.
The fifth style is the ideal one. It is nurturing and setting limits. It is possible to scar your child’s self-esteem if your style becomes extreme.
Though most parents fall somewhere between overly permissive and controlling you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your style as a parent and make adjustments that move you towards the ideal.
This article reviews these styles so you can discover which style best describes you.
Read more.

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