THE HANS INDIA | Dec 26,2016
It was a Christmas Day second coming that nearly 10,000 orphan students will remember in their lifetime.

Their academic dreams for securing their future were realised by the benevolence of Good Samaritans, who came forward with their city-based platform, Foundation for Economic and Educational Development (FEED).
It was an augury that they found a helping hand and a willing collaborator in ICNA Relief, Canada.
Bolstered by the largesse coming in, FEED has been rendering yeomen service to the society by sponsoring the education needs of orphan students from the school level right up to their professional pursuits and syncs with the KG to PG plans of the Telangana State government.
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At a function organised at the FEED office in Begumpet on Sunday, where financial assistance was given to orphans, who were selected by ICNA Relief, Chairman of Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust (HZCT) Ghiasuddin Babukhan said, “A budgetary allocation of Rs 1.60 crore has been earmarked for the Orphan Scholarship Program.
It delights us that nearly Rs.36.6 lakh has been distributed on behalf of ICNA relief so far.

The scene at the venue was lively as one witnessed absolute joy on the faces of the beneficiaries and the elders accompanying them.
Babukhan said that under the education category alone, the Trust has spent Rs 67 crore benefitting about 3,48,000 students so far”
This includes students drawn from other States like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.
The trust is currently supporting 98 Urdu medium and three English medium schools with a strength of 24,000 students of which 72 per cent are girls.
Board Member of ICNA Relief Nafees Khan and educationist and social entrepreneur Ayesha Rubina extolled the achievements, which was spreading light in the life of orphans.

Nafees Khan, Board Member, ICNA Relief, Canada, disbursing financial assistance to orphan students at a function organized by the Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust (HZCT) and Foundation for Education and Economic Development (FEED) in Begumpet on Sunday. Photos: Style Photo Service

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