Wednesday 16 December 2015
New York – An initiative has been launched in the cities of Tampa and Orlando in Central Florida where billboards have been placed on key highways displaying information about Islam.

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is the organization in charge of posting these educational billboards that aim to “dispel myths and fear about Islam during this challenging time,” the ICNA said to WFLA news.
The billboards in Tampa Bay, invite people to call a toll-free number 1-877-WHY-ISLAM and visit website to learn the truth about the Islamic faith.
By reaching those informational sites, people may also find answers on other topics such as ISIS, terrorism, women’s rights, and also order a free copy of the Holy Quran, the same source noted.
The ICNA intends to challenge people to know more about Muslims and their beliefs to minimize bigotry, hatred and intolerance toward Islam.
The billboards contain several texts about Islam and its five pillars.
“Muhammad – peace be upon him – believed in “peace, social justice, women’s rights,” a billboard in Tampa Bay reads.
“Islam the message of Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Muhammad,” another billboard notes.
The initiative is part of a national educational campaign that uses the hashtag #WhoisMuhammad, the ICNA revealed.
The Islamic organization has placed more than 100 billboards in major U.S. cities across the country since May 2015, the same source said.
The billboards located in the Tampa Bay area may be found at 40th Street East, 300 feet south of Martin Luther King facing north; at 50th Street East, 200 feet south of 5th Avenue facing south.
Those in Pinellas County may be located on U.S. 19, 850 feet south of 150th Avenue, facing north.
Article Courtesy: Morocco World News

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