Father’s reading the newspaper, mother’s on the telephone, brother’s on the computer, sister’s reading a book, and little Ahmad is playing with his toys. What do these people have in common?
Nothing. How can they be brought together?
Young and old, we all love games. What better way to share each other’s company, learn about Islam and have fun at the same time than to play a game? Below are three games to play with the whole family.

  1. ‘Steps to Paradise’ Board Game. This board game, made in England, has questions for different age or knowledge levels. Answer the questions on Islam as you move around the board. And if you have collected enough Sawab (reward) then you might be able to enter Paradise.
  2. Question and Answer Cards. Pre-made cards with questions and answers on Islam are readily available. Split the family into two teams and compete with each other to see who has the most right answers. The ‘losing’ team can do something together for the ‘winning’ team, for example, cook dinner. (This may mean that dad and some of the children may be cooking dinner for mum!) If pre-made cards are not available, then get into your teams and design the questions for the other team to answer.
  3. Treasure Hunting. Mum or Dad designs a treasure hunt for the rest of the family. The number of clues, in the form of questions, depends on how many letters the secret place that contains the prize has. For example, if a cake awaits them in the REFRIGERATOR then 13 questions are needed. The first question needs to have an answer starting with R. For example, “What is the name of Surah 13?” The answer is “Ra’d”. Each first letter of the answers form the final word. Draw a map and place each question on a card at each location. Once the code is cracked all can share the prize.

An important note to keep in mind is that when teams are called for, make sure it’s randomly selected. Also, for each game, team members will be different each time. If team members remain the same all the time, rivalry will be set up and not all members will have the chance to work with the others.
Compiled From:
“Saying it out loud – the easy way to teach children the daily Duas (supplications)” – Jameela Ho of Yagoona

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