June 13, 2013, by Ashley Kringen
MOORE, Okla. – It has been weeks since vicious storms hit Oklahoma but the damages still remain extensive. Helping hands could be used all over the state.
Religion can be a sensitive subject for some but right now in Oklahoma, those differences are being put aside for the greater good.

“They have totally came in and saved the day, heroes,” Sandra Miller said.
Miller said Muslim and Jewish groups are right now working side-by-side, helping build shelves to store and organize donation goods.
The volunteers are here, helping her non-denominational church, the International Harvest Church.

“It has nothing to do race, where you’re from, the color of your skin, religion or anything like that,” Miller said. “We all bleed red and we need to know at the end of the day we’re not alone.”
The church has received an overwhelming amount of donations, items such as water, paper towels and diapers.
“There is good that comes out of it,” Latimer said.
Steve Latimer a member of a Muslim relief group is embracing the fact that all faiths can work together.
“When they see another group come out to help, it exposes them to that other religion, they get to talk to the people and ask questions, it just goes miles and miles,” Latimer said.
A point, Dan Hoeft, operations manager of a Jewish disaster response team, said he agrees with.
“Even though we have some differences, we all have one goal and that’s to help people out and help get them through whatever disaster they’ve been in,” Hoeft said.
More hands, all religion aside, to help disaster areas heal.
“It just means we’re able to help more people and that’s really what we’re here to do and it’s a place for all people,” Miller said.
If you’re interested in helping, the International Harvest Church is in need of a 20×20 commercial tent to help protect donation items outside as well as cots to house volunteers.
For more information on Nechama, the Jewish Response to Disaster, visit www.NECHAMA.org.
For more information on the Muslim Disaster Response Services, visit www.icnarelief.org.
Article Courtesy: News Channel 4

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