Recent fighting in Lebanon resulted in hundreds of deaths, thousands injured, and more than one million displaced. Immediate emergency relief is needed to help the injured and displaced people. Children, women and elderly are most vulnerable and need urgent relief supplies including food, medicine, and shelter. Help us to help the Needy. Helping Hand will be implementing its relief programs in Lebanon through Life, Doctors Without Borders and Red Cross/Red Crescent.

Helping Hand USA – 1.877.521.6291

Embassy of Lebanon in USA has asked help for the following relief items
Medical Assistance
Antibiotics for pediatrics (syrups)
Anesthesics Drugs
Antihypertensive Drugs
Antipyretics for children (Parcetamol)
Endotracheal tubes
Empty blood bags
Filters & tubing for hemodialysis
Intra abdominal Drains (Hemovac, JB)
Gauzes and bandages
Factor VII
IV Antibiotics
Human albumin solution
Mechanical Styplers
Oral hypoglycemics
Low Molecular Weight Heparin
Suction Catheters
Powder milk (pediatric foods)
Sutures material
Sandimmun Neoral
Splint for fractures (metallic or plastics)
Toxoid tetaglobuline
Material Assistance
Fire equipments
Accommodations equipments
– Milk, Diaper
– Food for children
– Anti diarrhea antibiotics
– Anti fever medication, Pain killer (Analgesic)
– Fire fighting trucks
– Tents, Blankets, Sheets
– Canned beef
Mortadella , Jam
– Adult medicine: Chronic diseases (Heart, Diabetics, Hyper Pensive, and others)
– Fire extinguisher different sizes
– Electric power generators # 220 Volts (5-10-20-30 KVA)
– Rice, Sugar
– Various grains
– Skin coetaneous coetaneous coetaneous diseases
– Foam liquid to extinguish Fire
– Bulldozers
– Cranes
– Cooking tools (Kitchen tools).
– Serums
– Anti septic solutions, Surgical gloves
– Fire hose for fire trucks

Kidney dialysis
– Cooling medical equipments

Phone:(313) 790 2347 and 313 279 5378
Fax: 313 279 5434 and (516)706 2347

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