NEW YORK, NY (November 29, 2017) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) ​​condemns in the strongest terms the suicide attacks in Kabul that left ​at least 103 dead and ​over 230 injured.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost loved one​s​ and those injured in this massacre.
“​This appalling and barbaric attack can never be acceptable or justifiable in any way.” said ICNA President Javaid Siddiqi.
​These atrocities have become far too common and we implore the government authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.​
Islam categorically and clearly condemns all forms of terrorism. ​The ​Quran clearly states that “For this reason did We prescribe to the children of Israel that whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men; and certainly Our apostles came to them with clear arguments, but even after that many of them certainly act extravagantly in the land” [5:32]​​

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