ICNA Book Service was established with the purpose of providing Islamic literature to Muslims living in North America. It has served as a source of obtaining Islamic books  by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Visit – http://www.icnabookservice.com

Press Contact: Naeem Baig
Vice President for Public Affairs
Islamic Circle of North America
E-mail: ICNA PR Email
Office: (718) 658-1199 Extension: 102
Cell: (917) 202-2118

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  1. Assalamu’alaikum W.W.,
    I recently sent an e-mail to you regarding to purchasing the book “Towards Understanding the Qur’an” by S.A.A Mawdudi volume No.9. Could you please inform me whether it is possible?

  2. Asalaamu alaikum,
    I wanted to notify you that when I click on the link “http://www.incabookservice.com” I receive a “server not found” message.
    I thought you should know so that you could look into it.
    Wa Salaam

  3. Assalaamu alaikum,
    I am looking for: ‘Haadi al-Arwaah ilaa Bilaad il-Afraah’ by Ibn al-Qayyim with Arabic & English text. Do you have this book?

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