JAMAICA, New York (May 31, 2010) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in a press release issued today strongly condemned the massacre of innocent international peace activists by the Israeli military.

ICNA expresses strong condemnation of the unprovoked attack by Israeli military forces on the Freedom flotilla, which was carrying humanitarian aid including food, medicine and wheelchairs to blockaded Palestinians in Gaza.
Several media sources reported that at least 20 civilian international peace activists were brutally murdered and many more severely injured by the Israeli forces in this unjustified and unprovoked military assault in international waters. Among those on the flotilla were the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mairead Corrigan-Maguire of Northern Ireland and a Holocaust survivor, Hedy Epstein, age 85.
We urge our government to condemn this despicable act, and we join the international community in calling for a swift investigation by the United Nations of this assault in order to hold responsible parties accountable for this tragedy.

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  1. Asalaam Alikum
    The attack on the Flotilla by the Zionist state is UNJUSTIFIABLE. Israel has no respect to human lives not international laws. It has no boundaries and has disrespected the US and the Middle East peace process. This is customary of this zionist state. Sanctions should be placed on Israel until the families of those victims are compensated and the people who are responsible should be brought to justice.

  2. ISNA Condemns Israeli Massacre On Board of Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Calls for End of Illegal Blockade
    Source: ISNA
    (Plainfield, IN – May31, 2010) The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) condemns the unwarranted deadly use of force by the Israeli military against unarmed humanitarian ships in international waters. The ships, Gaza Freedom Flotilla, were bringing badly needed supplies to the people of Gaza who have been under a choking and illegal blockade by Israel for the last three years.
    Over 700 peace activists of all faiths, from America and around the globe including academicians, law makers, and Nobel Prize winners were aboard 6 ships carrying over10, 000 tons of humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza. Turkish customs, who inspected the ships prior to departure from Turkish ports, assert that no weapons were on the ships.
    The international community and the United Nations have condemned the irresponsible actions of Israeli commandos and the flagrant violation of international humanitarian law by Israel. However, many rights groups assert that the lack of any real consequences for the continuous violation of international law has given Israel a sense of impunity and has made any progress towards peace and justice in the Middle East more distant.
    ISNA calls on president Obama and Congress to demand an end to the illegal and inhumane blockade of Gaza and to launch an investigation into the massacre in order to hold those responsible accountable for the murder of at least 19 (according to many media outlets) and the injury of over 60 civilian peace activists.

  3. Gaza must be under total blockade since it is home to the terrorist organization Hamas.
    As far as the “flotila” is concerned, there were only 9 activists killed. Any day, in Iraq or Afghanistan, ten times this number are killed. Since Muslims can and do kill Muslims, there is no reason why Israelis (a.k.a. Jews) should not follow this example and also kill a few ‘Islamists’ every now and then. Or is there a reason for such blatant discrimination against Israelis?

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