Muslim community urged to support the ad

In an effort educate the general public about Islam and Muslims, ICNA Chicago through its Why Islam Dawah project will launch a radio ad campaign designed to build the proper understanding of Islam.

A total of thirty-seven, 60-second spots will air on 780 AM WBBM from Monday, December 04, 2006 to Sunday, December 17, 2006 throughout the day.  Additionally there will be fifty stream commercials that will run on the WBBM Online Stream ( for 1-month from Monday, December 04, 2006 to Tuesday, January 02, 2007.

The radio ad begins with the praising of God and continues with a message about why there are so many Americans exploring Islam.   The idea is to spark curiosity and provide information on how one can find additional information on Islam.  Additionally, anti-Muslim prejudice decreases when people have access to accurate information about Islam.   The transcript of the ad is listed below.
These radio ads are an addition to the several other Dawah services that ICNA offers to educate fellow Americans about Islam and Muslims. Some of our other initiatives include dawah booths at public locations such Malls and Flea Markets, sending books and Quran to fellow Americans across the country, offering weekly classes and monthly workshops on Islam, and writing articles and placing ads in newspapers.

We look forward to your support and urge you to forward this message to others so they too can tune in and be part of letting the general public know why Islam is the fastest growing religion in America . 

The following is the transcript of the ad:

"In the name of God, the Most Kind and the Most Merciful.  Islam, the religion of 1.2 billion people worldwide, including 7 million in the USA. A religion that raises curiosity.   What do Muslims believe? Who was Muhammad? And why are so many Americans exploring Islam?   At 877whyislam, we answer there questions and correctly inform our fellow Americans about Islam.   We can send you a free translation of the Quran and other literature about Islam.  The whyislam project can arrange a visit to your neighbor mosque or put in touch with one of our representatives through email.

Come and learn what Islam really stands for.  Call us any time day or night at 1-877-WHY-Islam.  This is 1-877-WHY-Islam or visit us on the web at"



Support this initiative by listening to the Ad and forwarding this message to others. Your support is necessary for this important project. ICNA Chicago is asking the Muslim community to help us sponsor this and our other Dawah activities.

Please help continue educating the larger community about the truth about Islam. Send your support today.

To donate contact ICNA Chicago at (773) 76-ISLAM.

ICNA Chicago
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