NEW YORK, NY (July 16, 2016) – Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) highly commends the Turkish people for standing up for democracy against the failed coup attempt by a fraction of the military.

It was heart warming to see that in response to the appeal of their elected president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, thousands of Turkish citizens came out on the streets in middle of the night against the military tanks. The Turkish civil society, media, political parties and military high commands took a mature and decisive political stand in favor of the democratically elected government. We hope, InshaAllah, they will be able to save the future of the country.
ICNA President, Naeem Baig, spoke to a rally yesterday evening in front of the White House and demanded that President Obama should take an unambiguous position in support of the Turkish democracy. He said, “Our government should avoid repeating the mistake we made in 2013 when we failed to take a principled stand against the brutal military coup in Egypt and silently witnessed the overthrowing of a democratically elected government of President Morsi.
Video from the rally is below:

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