NEW YORK, NY (April 5, 2017) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), condemns yesterday’s barbaric suspected chemical attack in northern Idlib province of Syria that killed nearly 100 people including children, women and the elderly.

ICNA urges U.N. officials to open an immediate investigation and take necessary measures to ensure the perpetrators responsible for this war crime are held accountable.
ICNA President Javaid Siddiqi said: “This heinous act should not go unpunished and the international community as a whole should come together to end this horrific conflict and work to establish facts and set appropriate repercussions.”
President Trump called the attack a “heinous” massacre that “cannot be ignored by the civilized world”.
ICNA calls on the White House to establish safe zones in Syria where humanitarian aid can be delivered under military protection.
ICNA sends its prayers to the families of the victims who perished, and those who were injured.

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