JAMAICA, New York (January 12, 2012) – In a press release issued today, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) condemned the behavior of U.S. Marines who were filmed urinating on the bodies of dead Afghani people.

“We are appalled and outraged by the apparent inhumane treatment by these soldiers of the Afghani dead,” said Zahid Bukhari, President of ICNA. “The desecration of human bodies is an abhorrent act that is a complete violation of American military regulations. The Obama administration must launch a thorough investigation into this incident and prosecute the guilty troops for their deplorable behavior.
The actions of this group completely undermine the work of our servicemen and women and are contradictory to the values of the American people. Such acts only serve to further distort the image of America and greatly endanger the lives of our troops and civilians abroad.
ICNA calls upon all political leaders, including Republican presidential hopefuls, to condemn this act. We also urge the Obama administration to address the issue of Islamophobia in the military. We must send a message to the world that such immoral conduct and utter disrespect for the sanctity of life and the human body will not be tolerated by America.”

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  1. I am an American, but this story turned my stomach! I don’t care whether or not these men faced one another on the battlefield, or if each called the other “Enemy”, one just DOES NOT DESECRATE THE BODY OF THE DECEASED! Even though, the souls of these Taliban fighters have long since departed these lifeless shells and are dwelling now in Paradise, there are things that one human being does not do to another. I do NOT support the Taliban or their extremist views, I would never even THINK about carrying out such a heinous, and despicable act. These Taliban fighters had been defeated in battle, they deserved a proper Muslim burial. These men should have been returned to their families, if they could be found, If not,they should have been handed over to a local Imam, so they could be laid to rest peacefully. I want to see all of the Marines responsible held for Court Martial, and following a legal trial, sentenced to a long, long stay in Leavenworth Prison! In time, they will have to answer to God for their ugly behavior!

  2. Even though the Taliban has been defeated in a battle, their dead bodies must be respected thereafter handed over to Muslim Imam for proper burial as according to the rights of Islam. Let it be known, that the God of Christianity, Judaism and Islam is the same God that we worship daily. The U.S. Marines, represents the government & people of the United States and what they have done, they must apologize to the people of Afghanistan. Wassalaam!

  3. “The actions of this group completely undermine the work of our servicemen and women”
    What the hell is ICNA saying!!!? are they that blind? these christian terrorist have ben invading & occupying our lands killing and murdering our Muslim civilians by the millions & thousands exploiting our natural resources and propping up brutal dictators that have ben oppressing our brothers and sisters for generations and forcing there political ideology down our throats, is this the work are they talking about?

  4. I am so embarrassed to call my self american.if america knows justice this people should be penalize accordingly.I donot even know if this people believe in any god if they do no relgion has that evil teaching.Actually. even nonreligious people have humanity.may allah bring them what they deserve.

  5. america can go to jahannam where it belongs.
    Don’t call yourself a muslim american. You are one or the other. Choose your deen.
    You so called ‘muslims’ in the military….. I’ll stop now.

  6. I’m not sure what the big issue here is:
    From the muslims I’ve spoken to (and there have been plenty), the overwhelming majority have stated that these men – taliban & others – are not truly muslims and this is not what islam is all about. Matter of fact, most have said that what they do is directly against islam. So my question to icna is this, a) are you angry because this is a horrible way to treat muslims, b) is this a horrible way to treat men, in general? What exactly is your complaint here?
    Better yet, why do you not ever condemn the every day killings 1,000’s of muslims BY muslums all across the middle east? One never sees a word of this anywhere. Why have you not condemned an organization called CAIR, who right here in the US funnels money to terrorist organizations in the middle east.
    Zak, christian terrorist have killed muslims by the millions? Where did this info come from? As far as exploiting your natural resources, the only one in the middle east is oil. And that’s bought and PIAD for. Perhaps you ought to ask your own people where that money is.
    Glotia, sorry to inform you but they will not be spending any time in Levenworth at all. Matter of fact, urinating on anyone is far less despicable & heinous than say, beheading one and posting it on youtube, or burning someone and hanging them naked from a bridge by their ankles.
    I think if you people focused more on muslims killing each other…naahh, that won’t ever happen.

  7. Daniel, I feel sory fot the way you think but hey, we all know how they CREATE such mentalities and then put them to work. Although, I am a an American Muslim and my morality and ethics dont allow me to use YOURS lingo, yet, after reading your BIASED comments, I have to talk in the same tone. WTF to whatever you say, first of all, you have no FRICKIN right to judge who is the Right muslim or not cos I dont care a rats tail to what KIND Of muslims you have spoken to, since bad apples are every where, and you, being a bad Christian your self have no right to utter or POLICE what muslims are doing. You are just a TOOL in a machinery of Hate-Muslims so learn more about our belief and read Quran to find out the reallity. Secondly, its a kids level Common sense that such act is henius and extremely dispicable even if somebody God forbid, does it to you.
    Cair is the ONLY Active organisation that is working hard in defending the legal rights of Muslims in US to save them from racist minds like you and what icna wrote is this:
    “We must send a message to the world that such immoral conduct and utter disrespect for the sanctity of life and the human body will not be tolerated by America.”
    Thy said HUMAN BODIES not MUSLIM BODIES so get your records right or go back to your sick life as always and we will pray for you to find the truth.
    Last but not least, nothing has been PAID for, in Iraq or Afghanistan, get your records straight AND putting heinus videos is a chrime in ISLAM.

  8. Ok ppl or Daniel, first of all no its not ok to urinate on a dead body no matter whose it is. That is just not right that’s why its prohibited by all laws religious or non religious. secondly muslims do condemn terrorism on muslims or non muslims but may be in your little world of fox channel watching hill billy land u dont see muslims and see a bunch of idiots yelling on fox channel against usa,so u think we dont condemn these terrorist acts. Also whoever says CAIR sponsors terrorism is wrong and they do not have any proof of that. If u have proof bring it up and if u dont stop echoing the channel that shamefully shows us citizens as a bunch of stupid red necks(fox channel).

  9. This is absolutely wrong. All Muslim brothers and sisters need to step up and Take Action for this kind of stupid behavior of the u.s Marine Soliders. Is this what they are taught.This is absolutely disgusting behavior.

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