JAMAICA, New York (November 5, 2009) – In a press release issued today, the Islamic Circle of North America condemned the heinous attack on Fort Hood military base, which left nearly a dozen dead and over 30 wounded.

“ICNA stands together with the nation in denouncing the murderous acts at Fort Hood. The individuals responsible for this act must be brought to justice. We cannot and must not close our eyes to the murder of innocent people or any other act of violence,” said Dr. Zahid Bukhari, president of ICNA.
“As American Muslims, we are rocked to our very core by the killings of those brave volunteers that defend and protect our country.  We extend our deepest condolences to the families of the dead and wounded, and our sympathies and prayers are with the victims of this senseless act.”

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  1. It is obvious that the killer in Texas at the military base was nominally Moslum. Today in my home state of Florida a fellow entered his former place of business and began shoting up the place. What was his religon? It never came out; he was just a crazy. Personally I thing the fellow in Texas was also just a crazy, and a good shot. I am a white guy, raised in the First Southren Baptist church; Germanic, and personally am taken aback at the lousy press that the Muslem people get today. I don’t know much about the Muslem faith, but I am resonably certain that a true, beliving Muslem would not murder people, just as no Christian would. The people who blow themselves up and kill dozens of inocent people aren’t Muslems, and the people that blow up abortion clinics and kill dozens of people aren’t Christians. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

  2. I have studied Islam and know the difference between lesser and greater jihad. While Allah (SWT) is the knower if someone doesn’t act according to Quranic values I have no issue calling them out. When a Muslim shouts Allahu Akbar while they kill it hurts the faith. If a Christian yelled Jesus is the greatest while he/she murdered it would hurt that faith. Too much political stuff is said during Khuthah as well, even during Ramadan. The masjids of the USA need to work on getting people to see the goodness of this country if they wish to live here.

  3. I would like to comment on the previous statements posted. John, I appreciate your words and agree with what you say. Robin, just because this crazy man yelled ALLAHU AKBAR while shooting those innocent people doesnt mean anything. it just means he’s crazy! Please do not sterotype all muslims because of the action of one. No true muslim is standing by this guy and he should be punished to the fullest!
    I would also like to comment on the two men in brooklyn (the american and jew “muslims”) how could they promote terrorisim on CNN and be left on the street? for some reason i think that is a set up between them and authorities. if that had been a middle eastern muslim he would be arrested and sent back on the first plane to his country! the sad part is that people are so ignorant that they believe anything the see and hear and dont take time to think of the situation at hand.

  4. It is clear that Major Hasan acted alone and he acted desperately and somehow with depression and stress. My request to Muslim leaders living in North America is that don’t live a life or preach a life of inconsistency and double standard. Whatever USA is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of so called ‘war on terrorism’ is clearly unjust, brutal and with an actual motive of destroying or at least weaken the Muslims, their religion Islam and their countries, land and belongings. This war is a war of religion and nothing else. The so called 9/11 is baseless, with no proof, concrete evidence and court verdict. Most of us we don’t follow Talibans but we know they have references in most of their rulings about the way of life. And the west does not like this way of life, which is from Quran and Hadith, so they are trying to uproot Islam under different names and games. This war is about the way of life. As Matthew Hoh, who was a key civilian representative for the US government in Afghanistan resigned citing, “Like the Soviets, we continue to secure and bolster a failing state, while encouraging an ideology(democracy, nakedness in the name of freedom) and system of government unknown and unwanted by its people” Even if I give the benefit of doubt of 9/11, is it not enough after eight years of destruction of two nations, their culture, economy, killing thousands and thousands of innocent Afghans, Iraqis and now forcing Pakistan to kill some more of their own country people who want to follow their way of life- Islam, values, culture, tradition. So I request most Muslims in North America to leave USA and come to the developing nations, to build those nations and say USA that I don’t support your war on our religion, and I don’t want to pay tax by living in USA. Otherwise we will be seeing more and more incident of Hasan, reading, listening from soldiers returned from Iraq and Afghan, how they were killing your brothers, sisters (the civilians,young girls, children) with happiness and joy and then blowing up yourself one day, boom.

  5. As-salamu Aliakum,
    As a muslim convert, and a law enforcement officer, I feel the need to address a number of issues:
    The gunman acted on his own. He did not follow Jihad, has no right to act on his own, and has condemned himself to hell. The Prophet (PBUH) said that we are a religion of moderates, and to be careful of extremism. Allah (SWT) tells us in the Qur’an that we are a balanced religion. Islamic Extremism is an oxymoron, there is no room for extremeism in Islam, extreamism automatically takes you out of Islam. This man has taken the noble act of Jihad and made it into a negative rallying call for the press and anti-Islamic groups. He has hurt us all.

  6. Peace be upon you all
    I think this guy (the shooter)was acting
    out of stressed and depression.
    He did not follow the true teaching of our beloved Prophet at all. Jihad dosn’t mean killing anyone you hate or disagree with your view point. He was a real looser and deserve a full punishment.

  7. Abdullah Bin Ataul Haque says:”listening from soldiers returned from Iraq and Afghan, how they were killing your brothers, sisters (the civilians,young girls, children) with happiness and joy”
    Hey,Abdullah, you can’t say this unless you can prove it e.g. with videos, photos, reports,etc.etc. Without validation, you have to say this is your opinion.Therefore, your post is meaningless.

  8. Wrong is wrong and right is right. As a muslim I’ll never call wrong right. Mainstream media blocks my blogs and hangs up on me, when I defend my religion. Then they ask, where are the muslims? The enemies of muslims will vilify muslims. Its an agenda that fools are falling for. This world is God(Allah)’s. Truth will prevail. The tyrants of history have always lost. Today is no exeption. People are catching on to these evil plans with no explanations. If they want to take on God let them. We all know who”ll win this one. Muslim countries are not immune to the wrong doers. The way muslims will succeed is if they sincerely repent and love their own brothers and do as Allah swt has proclaimed. Each home is riddled of love of dunya. This is a test. He gives us what we deserve and can handle. If we sit in front of the tv or just have fun we’ll be trampled. We need brotherhood. We will not be oppressed!

  9. Why do Muslims think the world is only Muslim and Christian and that all the others, including agnostics, Buddhists, Jews, and others aren’t worth mentioning as being worthy of good and fair thinking?
    And, what is a Jew Muslim?

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