NEW YORK, NY (May 9, 2013) – Islamic Circle of North America condemns acts of brutality committed by police and paramilitary forces in Bangladesh.
Violence flared on Monday, May 6th, in Dhaka City as protesters gathered peacefully to demanding their religious rights.

Late in the night electricity lines were disconnected and eye-witnesses reported that thousands of heavily equipped security forces attacked while the unarmed protestors were sleeping and fired indiscriminately resulting in many causalities. Accurate figures are not available as government enforced a media blockade.
ICNA condemns any type of oppression and indiscriminate killing no matter what the situation is. We urge the United States State Department to take serious note of this situation where the current Bangladeshi government is abusing the human rights of its own citizens and curbing freedom of expression by imposing ban on independent media and peaceful assembly.
We are also saddened at the loss of over a thousand factory workers due to non-implementation of safety requirements by corrupt government officials. Our prayers and support go out to those suffering from these incidents.
Also see: http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/05/03/bangladesh-end-unlawful-violence-against-protesters

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  1. S.4:93 = And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein; and the Wrath and the Curse of Allah are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him. [৯৩-আর যে ব্যক্তি জেনে বুঝে মুমিনকে হত্যা করে, তার শাস্তি হচ্ছে জাহান্নাম৷ সেখানে চিরকাল থাকবে তার ওপর আল্লাহর গযব ও তাঁর লানত এবং আল্লাহ তার জন্য কঠিন শাস্তির ব্যবস্থা করে রেখেছেন] S.2:284= To Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth, and whether you disclose what is in your ownselves or conceal it, Allah will call you to account for it. Then He forgives whom He wills and punishes whom He wills. And Allah is Able to do all things. [আকাশসমূহে ও পৃথিবীতে যা কিছু আছে, সবই আল্লাহর৷ তোমরা নিজেদের মনের কথা প্রকাশ করো বা লুকিয়ে রাখো, আল্লাহ অবশ্যি তোমাদের কাছ থেকে তার হিসাব নেবেন৷ তারপর তিনি যাকে ইচ্ছা মাফ করে দেবেন এটা তাঁর আখতিয়ারাধীন এবং যাকে ইচ্ছা শাস্তি দেবেন, তিনি সব জিনিসের ওপর শক্তি খাটাবার অধিকারী৷]

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