NEW YORK, NY (March 1, 2017) – The Islamic Circle of North America strongly condemns the deadly shooting of Srinivas Kuchibhotla an Indian national and the injuring of two others in Kansas City.

The attack was by a bigoted individual who shouted “Get out of my country!”
ICNA also strongly condemns the bomb threats made against Jews at their Synagogues, centers and schools and the desecration of the Jewish graves in the cemeteries. There is no crime more heinous against people than to violate its dead.
These acts of violence only tell us the level of hatred and racism that still lingers in our society and which have become part of the daily challenges minorities face. To this we say violence against one is violence against all.
No one should lose any member of his or her family or is driven to fear simply because someone did not like their color, race or religious beliefs.
Finally, ICNA sends its condolences to the families of the victims who perished or are injured in the Kansas City shooting. We stand in solidarity with the Jewish Communities who have been targeted by ruthless people. We also stand in support of all Americans who suffer racial discrimination and persecution. We pray for peace and calm and we hope and pray that true justice prevails.

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