JAMAICA, New York (February 20, 2012) – In a press release issued today, the Islamic Circle of North America condemned the Syrian government for its use of brutality against its own people.

“We are sickened and outraged by the actions of the Assad regime. The brutality of Assad and his people is no less than that of Qaddafi, and yet the whole world is silently watching as blood is shed on a daily basis in the streets of Syria.”
“ICNA urges the UN Security Council to continue its efforts to bring Assad to justice for killing thousands of innocent people. We must take swift action and impose economic sanctions on the country. We urge the Obama administration to press for an end to the violence in Syria.”
“We are praying for the Syrian people and encourage the American and international Muslim community to keep our brothers and sisters in their prayers. We also urge the Syrian people to remain steadfast and remember that the prayer of the oppressed is never rejected.”

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  1. Mr. Sawiris, one of Egypt’s richest men and a titan of the old establishment is like the American version Elitist Rich KOCH Brothers and it’s many faceted political movements it finances like the “Tea Party” and “America for Prosperity” to steal and overrun elections and get POWER.
    “And to the people of Madian, we sent their berother Shuaib. He said, O my people serve Allah; you have no deity other than He. Do not give short measure and weight. Though I see you in a state of prosperity, I fear for you the scourge of a day that will encircle you. And O my people give full measure and weight justly and do not defraud of their goods and do not spread mischief in the land. The residue (after giving full measure) is best for you, if you are believers. Any how I am not a guardian over you. “They replied, O Shuaib, Does your salat teach you this that we should give up all those deities whom our forefathers worshipped or that we should have no right on our goods to dispense with them as we please. Indeed you are the only generous and righteous man (left in the land).” (Hud: 84-87)
    When Prophet Shuaib insisted that they should give up their corrupt ways, they said bitterly:
    “They answered, “O Shuaib, We do not understand much of what you say. Indeed we see that you are a powerless man among us. Had it not been for your family, we would have stoned you to death long before this for you are not strong enough to prevail over us.”(Hud: 91)

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