NEW YORK, NY (May 23, 2017) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), condemns the bombing that took place yesterday in Manchester, UK. The bombings took the life of 22 civilians including children and injured 59.

The attack is notable for its appalling, and deliberately targeting innocent, children and young people. ICNA continues to stand up to those who wish to harm civilians, instill fear and sow division among communities.
Javaid Siddiqi, President of ICNA said “My thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones or been injured in this barbaric attack. Today we grieve for the people who have lost their lives.”
ICNA appreciates the heartening response of the public during this incident. ICNA also commends the local Muslim community including taxi drivers, doctors, blood donors and others who reached out to the victims of the tragedy selflessly.
Harun Khan, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Great Britain said “May the perpetrators face the full weight of justice both in this life and the next”.

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