NEW YORK, NY (June 12, 2016) – In a press statement today, the Islamic Circle of North America condemned the attacks in Orlando today as barbaric and abhorrent.

ICNA joins our fellow Americans in condemning this act of violence and offer our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims for their great loss at this tragic event.
We strongly denounce any act of killing regardless of motives or faith of the killer.
This is month of Ramadan, we will be making special prayers for the victims and the families, May God give the families strength to bare this loss (Ameen).
Islamic Centers across the state are arranging blood drives for the victims of this atrocious attack.
Naeem Baig, President of ICNA, said, “As Muslims and people of faith we must remember that God has directed us to defend all people equally against bigotry, hate, violence and abuse.”

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  1. Besides generic condemnation, what should have been condemned is the politically motivated foreign policies in the name of vague national interests n democracy. That has caused much mayhem by private groups and individuals…similarly politically motivated in the name of faith. Democracy sells here n faith sells there. ICNA n others one sided typical n fear based condemnation has caused our youth to think we are all bunch of terrorists, bad guys n culprits. Plz either lead or stay silent. Clerical work is not same as leading.

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