JAMAICA, New York (July 7, 2005) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is shocked and horrified at the attacks on the people of London during the mass transit rush hour. We join everyone in condemning such acts of terror and senseless violence.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones at this tragic moment.  We trust that the authorities will determine those responsible for these barbaric acts and bring them to justice quickly.

Islam holds the sanctity of human life in the highest regard, and shedding the blood of innocent people is considered a most heinous crime. As Muslims we condemn the killing of innocent people for any reason. This is an attack on all of us, and all communities of faith need to stand together in calm and resolute purpose against terrorism, hatred and extremism.  We urge the people of England to remain calm.
As citizens we also hope innocent people will not be targeted in backlash following this terror attack. Learning from experience after 9/11, we also express the profound hope that civil liberties will not be a further casualty of this tragic event, in Great Britain or around the world.
Here in the US, we urge Muslims to remain cautious and in communication while continuing their daily work, to avoid fear and confusion and remain measured in response. We encourage you, above all, to put your trust in the Mercy of Allah, All-Mighty, which will sustain us during the coming days, Insha Allah.

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