JAMAICA, New York (May 15, 2015) – The ICNA-MAS Convention mobile application for 2015 was released today. This free app, available for Android and iPhone users, offers several features like creating personal program schedule, bio of all speakers, bazaar map, instant program updates and a convenient way to follow convention Tweets.

Download and review the ICNA-MAS Convention 2015 app for Android and iOS mobile devices here:
Click here to download app
Click here to download app

Or scan to download:

You can also click here to visit the mobile version of the website.
The app can help you in many ways as follows:
• Keep track of sessions. Find out who is speaking and when and where
• Only interested in Youth, Sisters Only or Ethnic Sessions, use the filter feature (Click on the funnel icon – at the top right of Schedule. Filter only for type of sessions (8 different filters available)
• Like a session and want to be reminded — Click the + sign on the left or SWIPE the session to the right. Choose when you wanted to be notified (10, 30 or an hour before the session). Keep doing this for all the sessions you like. A green check-box appears in place of the “+” sign.
• To find all the sessions you want to attend simply click on the My Schedule button at the top of the Schedule Window and find your list. Want to remove something from your list just click the green check-box.
• Want to see sessions for another day, use the “<” or “>” arrows on top of the schedule screen.
• Want to know what are topics or session details, Click on the session and select Description tab
• Want to know who is speaking, Click on the session and select Speakers tab
• Want to look up speaker introduction (bio) just select the speaker from the list
• Remember, the color bars on the left gives you a quick “type of session” (Main, Youth, Parallel, Special etc.)
• If you are speaking in one or more sessions — you can use the app to keep track of sessions in the same way the audience are tracking your sessions. Best of all — be reminded of them automatically.
• Want to learn about the speakers, check their pictures — Sometimes speakers don’t want to share their pictures or bio — we respect that.
• See a speakers Title from the list.
• Like a speaker and want to follow all their session — click on the speakers name, click Sessions – now you can click on their sessions and add them to your schedule.
About (i)
• Don’t miss this section of the app. It has lots of useful information.
• Why attend – Information about the convention
• Wondering how much food will cost you and want to know before you leave your hotel room or session — Check out this section for food prices in the food court and decide
• Flying to the BWI Airport – Check for shuttle service hours and rates from the Airport to the Convention Center
• Want to know more about the Convention Center and the Venue – Check the Venue section
• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Have a question? Check our FAQ section under the About section
• Need Baby Sitting – Information are in the palm of your hand – scroll down to the section on Baby Sitting
• Still Have Questions – Scroll to the session on Contacting Us
• Find directions for different hotels.
• Click on the List button on top to see list of hotels, prices and phone numbers.
• Use the Filter feature to see venue, hotels on the map and in the list.
• We thank our sponsors for their support
• In this section you can find out who are sponsors are and find a variety of information about them.
• Connect with our sponsors through email, web and phone.
• We have included a map and the Bazaar layout. Pinch out to see details.
This content for this app is maintained by the ICNA-MAS Convention team.

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