JAMAICA, New York (December 1, 2009) – The Islamic Circle of North America expresses deep concern over President Obama’s decision to deploy additional troops to the heavily occupied region of Afghanistan.
In what will be the second escalation of troops since his inauguration in January, the president has decided to increase the number of U.S. soldiers by 30,000, totaling nearly 100,000 troops in Afghanistan since the beginning of the war.

America must remain dedicated to ending the war abroad, yet time and again it has been argued that the key to this war is not a militaristic solution but a political one. While we stand behind the president in his resolve to bring soldiers home from Iraq, we ask ourselves whether risking the lives of more troops will aid in resolving the Afghanistan conflict. As of yet, the increase in forces has not brought us any closer to the end of this war.
Committing 30,000 living, breathing humans to war is a daunting prospect, one that will affect the lives of 30,000 families—mothers, fathers, siblings and children alike. America must become the flag bearer for dialogue and debate in Afghanistan. Only by opening the floor for conversation, reasonably withholding force and empowering the Afghan people will we be able to bring a sense of stability to this war-torn region.
ICNA encourages President Obama to rethink the strategy in Afghanistan, approach the situation in a diplomatic manner and work towards its resolution through negotiation and discussion. We urge the president to remain committed to the exit strategy for the removal of our troops and support efforts to create a peaceful and more secure Afghanistan.

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  1. Violation of human rights, no-democracy, violence, nuclear threat, different way of life, unethical countries are not new in the world history, rather are very common throughout the history and all over the world, such as China, Korea, Nepal, Burma, Israel to name a few. But why only Muslim countries have been targeted to get hard pressed purified. If the present US wars are not for religion, why after 65 years of asking for unoccupied Palestine we are now gifted (jokingly) with two additional occupied countries (Iraq, Afghan), and two or more are on pipeline (Pakistan, Somalia, Iran). Even if we don’t take the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan as war of religions, at least these wars are illegal, as quoted by Kofi Anan of UN and also unjust and brutal. Is it justified that because of couple of terror attacks in west some eight years back with no concrete proof or evident, the West has to wage wars after wars on countries after countries years after years. This is what is called justice, ethics, fairness and all the good words we learn in so called BS universities. And in Islam, you need to prevent Munkar/ evil. It is in the Holy Quran. This is the first time in the history of mankind that such a vast number of people from the other side of the war is living freely, happily and helping in many ways for west to be able to continue the slaughtering of huge civilians and continue an unjust war. It didn’t happen at the time of Pharaoh, Crusade or Isabella’s Spain. By staying in west and some time siding with the US interpretation of their justification to slaughter Muslims, we are approving, encouraging or at least giving an impression to US government that what they are doing in the name of ‘war on terror’ is ok or at least ‘Not too bad’. We are becoming a part of a major (kabira) crime of destroying countries, killing innocent civilian children, women, elders with no good reason. And unfortunately those countries and peoples are where many of us were born, brought up and educated. Where we know the culture, language and systems of those countries. I understand, our response to this situation is a matter of level of Taqwa, but at least we should do what is the demand of Islam to do under this situation, such as Hubbul watan, a part of Iman / beleive( love for your birth place, as evident in hadith when Prophet sallelahu alihi wassalm was leaving Mekka), forbidden hijra, (migration) to Darul Harb. After all these are the prices we will be paying for Jannah.

  2. From reading your propaganda it is clear where your loyalties lie and they are clearly not with the country that opened its doors to you and gave you a home. I do NOT want to live under the rule of an intolorant hate-filled religion that you would shove down my throat. If Islam is a peaceful religion don’t tell me, tell your fellow muslims that.

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