JAMAICA, New York (December 21, 2010) – The ICNA IT Department announced today the launch of www.ICNA.tv, a website that will provide live video streaming of ICNA and other relevant events nationwide and a central video archive of past events. The launch of this service follows months of training, hardware and software set-up and successful testing during previous events such as the ICNA convention in Hartford, CT.

The website’s first initiative will be a live and simultaneous coverage of three major events during the December holidays: ICNA South East’s 16th Annual Southern Islamic Convention in Atlanta, GA, the first annual ICNA Council for Social Justice Banquet and Fundraiser in Washington, DC and the 9th Annual MAS/ICNA Convention in Chicago, IL. ICNA IT Department staff members will be on location at all events, providing technical support to the organizers. During the past experimental phase of ICNA TV, over 5,000 users were able to view the live coverage of various ICNA programs.
ICNA TV plans to feature high profile nationwide events and well-known speakers that will be made available live to audiences across the world. Local coordinators in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have already been trained and equipped to handle technical aspects of live broadcasting. Within the next 3 months ICNA IT will be setting up similar teams in Atlanta, Houston, Washington DC and Miami.
ICNA IT Department was revamped last year and has since coordinated efforts to manage ICNA’s websites, social media presence and technical infrastructure. Since the launch earlier this year of ICNA TV within the IT Department, ICNA’s YouTube channel has been featured several times on YouTube’s Top 20 Most Viewed Non-Profit Channels, and has now become the premier national American Muslim channel to provide quality video content with more than 1,000 daily views.

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