The 42nd Annual ICNA-MAS Convention 2017 has moved to the Easter weekend of April 14-16, from its traditional Memorial Day weekend due to the timing of Ramadan this year.

One of the major national Islamic events, the convention is scheduled in Baltimore, Maryland for April 14-16, the convention’s theme is Quest for True Success: Divine Message of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad peace be up on him (pbuh).

The theme is appropriately tied to the Christian holiday celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, a fundamental concept in Christianity. By tying the common messages of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad peace be up on him (pbuh), our common humanity, roots, and belief in the same Divine Source will be addressed.

Last year’s convention attracted over 20,000 attendees and had more than 150 speakers presiding over 130 sessions. Regular features of the convention include a Quran competition, matrimonial services, a youth conference, a children’s program, midnight basketball, and a sprawling bazaar with hundreds of vendors — all of this in addition to a great variety of sessions featuring renowned scholars and speakers.
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