JAMAICA, New York (September 21, 2011) – The Islamic Circle of North America issued a press release today addressing the FBI’s biased trainings on Islam and Muslims.
“As Americans we are appalled at the recent findings made public regarding the FBI training workshops. The Bureau’s training documents and briefings indicate not only a severe lack of sensitivity, but more seriously paint an alarming picture of misunderstanding about Islam and the American Muslims.

The FBI’s approach to training clearly pushes for the use of religious profiling and entrapment. We cannot expect agents to deal with the American Muslim community in a rational and balanced way if their training teaches them to view and treat each American Muslim as a potential terrorist.
The FBI is lending its support to the Islamophobic industry by inviting known Islamophobes to train law enforcement officials, and is in turn promoting bigotry against the American Muslim community. Our taxes are being used to distort the image of American Muslims, and it must stop now.
ICNA calls on the FBI to review its current policies and stop inculcating its agents with bias against American Muslims. The FBI should essentially involve Muslim leadership in its training, and make its manuals available to Muslim leadership for review. Muslim leaders are willing, as always, to cooperate with officials to provide accurate information on Islam.
Recent investigations indicate a greater trend amongst law enforcement agencies in which American Muslims are profiled and their Constitutional rights compromised. The FBI, CIA and NYPD’s venture into religious profiling and spying has created a mistrust of law enforcement amongst American Muslims; these agencies must now work to rebuild this trust and repair their relationships with the Muslim community.”

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  1. This society is based on ’emotionalism’ not clear-headed-thinking! After reading your article on the FBI it made me chuckle at the absurdity involved in the thinking that those who are themselves ‘liars’ you expect to listen to the truth about Islam? But this seems to be the direction that the immigrant community wants to go toward. Go ahead and waste your time. My suggestion to you would be to read some back ground information on their former director the homosexual J. EDGAR HOOVER! We know that the propoganda is that everyone in America is equal, that’s a flat out lie! It’s frustrating to us as American born Muslim converts to see you trying to pretend that you are white in our estimation. But, to each his/her own. Salaam-ai-Laikum

  2. Muslim Organisations and Muslim Leaders
    are NOT doinh anything properly to educate the Main Stream America about the Glory of Islamic culture,religion and accomplishments.We do not have any such programs on the table. Hence what do you expect?? We have a project called
    to build a huge and outstanding university for education. American Muslims must do something spectacular now to show the glory of Islam through great projects. Then only the American mind can turn towards Islam favorably.
    Please see the above Website and endorse this project so that our furutre generation would live in peace and dignity.
    Assalam, ZAHIR AHMED
    and also ,www.islamic-video.com

  3. As-Salaamu Alaikum: Practicing Muslims are targeted more than those Muslims that want to blend into Americans culture. Some Muslims are made to feel uncomfortable in their own homes. Air vents are not only blow air into the home, but also the smell of drugs, paint, etc., etc.,. Muslims are now in the lion’s den.

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