Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,
Assalamu Alaikum! Once again we are blessed with the holy month of Ramadan, Alhamdulillah. I would like to take this opportunity to remind myself and you all that we should multiply our good deeds and take full advantage of this blessed month, InshaAllah.

We must work at attaining taqwa, Allah consciousness, which is outlined by Allah (SWT) in the holy Quran as the sole objective of our fast. Let us try our best to be worthy of His mercy, forgiveness and salvation from the Hellfire.
We should be particularly mindful of our personal relationship with Allah (SWT), and work towards strengthening it in this month. Allah (SWT) has blessed us with numerous outlets by which to garner His reward. We can study the Qur’an during this month more than ever before, observe our fast in a commendable manner, perform Salatut Taraweeh and Qiyamul Lail (and if possible Itikaf during the last ten days), share our wealth with the less fortunate servants of Allah and donate to righteous and worthy causes.
Let us be more careful and caring while dealing with people (both Muslim and non Muslim), cleanse our hearts and tongues and perfect our daily dealings; as we all know, improving ourselves in these areas is critical to attaining Allah’s pleasure. Let us strive to make improvements in our daily lives during this blessed month. Identify at least one positive habit or good deed that has become part of our routine this Ramadan and make a pledge to continue performing it for the rest of the year. When our beloved Prophet (peace be up on him) was asked, “What deeds are most pleasing to Allah?” he replied, “The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few.” (Bukhari)
Ramadan is a month of both reflection and action. ICNA has launched two major campaigns this summer that require your support. I encourage you to get involved in the campaign Defending Religious Freedom, Understanding Sharia, a national educational initiative that aims to increase public understanding of Shariah and counter the rise of Islamophobia in America. The Understanding Shariah campaign comes at a time when our religious freedoms are at risk; as American Muslims we must stand up for the values of our nation.
The Back to School Giveaway campaign, set to kick off in the first week of Ramadan, will lend much needed support to struggling families. An estimated 15,000 children across the country will receive school bags filled with school supplies, easing the financial burden of thousands of families and ultimately providing all with better access to education. I encourage you to reap the benefits of Ramadan by supporting both of these causes, by donating at or volunteering with us at
Last but not least, I invite you to celebrate the close of this blessed month with ICNA at Muslim Family Day, which will be held this year in ten cities nationwide. Visit for more information.
May Allah (SWT) bless us and our families with peace, tranquility, strong Iman, and healthy and active lives. May He give us the best of this world and the Hereafter. Ameen.
Your brother in Islam,
Zahid H. Bukhari

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  1. Hamdulillah!we are lucky that we got Ramadan again and Insha-Allah, we will hardly try to get good deeds as much as possible.
    I pray and hope “ICNA” will success in this month with their BEST WORK insha-Allah!

  2. Assalamwaalaikum… RAMADAN KARIM… We here in cape girardeau mo. are involved in the back to school give away… I ask ALLAH (SWT) to guide all of us in this month more than ever. Can someone tell me why there is always a problem among muslims in the start of Ramadan?? And Why cant North America go by the Hadith saying to have Moon Sighting instead of going by what Mecca says?? Do we pray Fajir at the same time with Mecca??? I just hope that all the muslims can just be united in America. We are starting to make a positive image of Islam here. Alhamdolilah. May all muslims stay united and spread the truth for the sake of Allah (SWT). Inshallah Allah (SWT) will give us the right guidance…Asssalamwaalaikum.

  3. You guys made it easy hereafter for Ramadhan or for any Eid we come to your site to get a forecast of moon sighting.I had learnt that going out and sighting the Moon is the sunnat but now I see Modern Islam of your kind announces beginning and ending of Ramdhan. Have to move with the times a compromise here a compromise their a short cut here a short cut their an amendment here an amendment their. Modern (Technology) is important Prophet (SAW) comes Ba’adas Modern. Jazakalla Khair for your service to ummat.

  4. Just a reminder for me and all my brethren. Our Prophet (SAW) said when you leave the sunnats you will go astray. Technology is not the basis of our religion is it? Technology is temporary our deen is permanent.So are the sunnats of our beloved Prophet (SAW). Do we believe in defective sciences to override the sunnats of our Prophet (SAW). Take the example of any technology what is acceptable today is laughable tomorrow that is what technology is. Sunnats and their benefits will never die Insha’Allah no technology will make them disappear even a micron. Some mislead technologists say the moon is sighted well we agree and say good for you. Our beloved Nabi (SAW) said go see the moon even if someone shows the moon with scientific proof we should say you lie but not my Nabi (SAW) He has asked me to see or wait for proof from 2 witnesses who went out to see based on their piety I will go by that. Note this is not fanaticism this is belief in the words of Nabi (SAW). Our intelligence or faculties what we see what we hear is wrong but whatever our Allah and Prophet (SAW) said is the ultimate truth.Following a country no Remember the sermon of AbuBakr Siddiq(RA) to the Sahaba after the demise of Prophet (SAW). This will make us understand what to follow and how to follow.

  5. Salam, The first day of Ramadan is August 1st Monday 2011 for USA. By the way those of you trying to see the Moon in N.Y. It can’t be seen with naked eye. Only the Southern most state can see the moon with naked eye if conditions are perfect. Ramadan Mubarik to fellow Americans

  6. “We should be particularly mindful of our personal relationship with Allah (SWT), and work towards strengthening it in this month.”
    I have quoted these words from your ramadan greetings. But when I see that ICNA is also following the ways of Biddattees, then I lost confdence and trust what you have said is true. You brohave brought your organization and members amongst the peoples who believe the Hilal (Moon) of Science or Hilal e Arab. But Hilal e Sunnah is by the following of Kitab o Sunnah, not by the science or arab regime.Please don’t say anything which you are not following or you don’t have a believe in.

  7. The holy month of Ramdan is an occasion to reassess and re-examine our lifestyle. In case we are little backward in our consciousness, that we live, move and have our being in Allah, then we must create/generate that sense – that Allah is always with us, helping, guiding, encouraging to move forward on the path of spirituality.

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