JAMAICA, New York (August 28, 2011) – The ICNA Relief Head Office unveiled a broad plan in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene today, that includes establishing a $100,000 Disaster Response Fund for families impacted by hurricane Irene.

In the early response phase to Hurricane Irene ICNA Relief has set up Points of Distribution (PODs) in cooperation with local Islamic centers along the storm’s path.
Depending on the needs in the affected area and the availability of resources, plans are underway to provide the following services. This plan will be implemented once the circumstances permit access to these areas:

ICNA Relief has put all of its resources nationwide on alert in order to reach out to those who are in need. We will implement our disaster response plan in a timely manner, working in synergy within the established disaster structure.”
We strongly encourage volunteers to register online at www.icnarelief.org. ICNA Relief’s trained and experienced Disaster Response Team members work to harness the full potential of volunteers and assign them to jobs where they feel the satisfaction of time well spent. We need your support for these efforts, and ask that you please donate generously to provide relief to those in need.”
ICNA Relief USA is the most prominent Muslim organization in the US in the field of disaster relief. It has partnered with FEMA and American Red Cross, NYDIS, VOADs in multiple states, CCUSA, LSSDR, NECHAMA, APPNA, MSA, local Islamic center, and others to help disaster impacted families/individuals during their time of need. Because of their efforts and experience, ICNA Relief USA has earned a reputation of respect amongst disaster related agencies at all levels.
ICNA Relief has responded to many disasters across the United States in the recent past. It is the only Muslim organization that has partnered in the federally funded Disaster Case Management Grants in the LRC (Louisiana Recovery Consortium) following Hurricane Gustav, and the pilot project RISE (Recovery of Ike Survivors Enterprise) in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Most recently, ICNA Relief USA has been invited by FEMA and awarded federal funds to provide disaster recovery case management services, mentorship, and long-term recovery guidance in Alabama following devastating tornadoes in the South.

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