This year ICNA Relief saw a 66 percent increase in Udhiyah (sacrificial meat) donations that enabled them to provide for a greater number of people, including a large number of refugee families from Somalia, Burma, Syria, and Eritrea. They distributed thousands of pounds of meat in 40 locations throughout the country.

Five thousand pounds of meat were distributed to more than 600 needy and refugee families by ICNA Relief Georgia in partnership with Masjid Al Islam and Masjid Al Muminoon. Imam Farquan of Masjid Al Muminoon, Sr. Naiema Abdullah of Masjid Al Islam, and Sr. Quran, principal of Muhammad School, assisted in meat distribution in downtown Atlanta and the Braves Stadium neighborhood on the second day of Eid.
ICNA Relief distributed meat to over 300 needy families in Lynn, Chelsea, Roxbury, Lowell and Worcester.
Over 1000 pounds of meat was collected across Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade Counties. It was then packaged into 200, five-pound bags and distributed across South Florida for individuals and families in need.
New York
ICNA Relief New York received the greatest number of Udhiyah donations, totaling over 345 animals. Meat distribution was carried out in various locations in New York City.
In Brooklyn, 350 pounds of meat were given away outside the Muslim American Society Youth Center. 250 pounds were distributed near Masjid Omar in Brighton Beach. 550 pounds were given away at the site of ICNA’s Brooklyn Youth Center and 900 at the nearby Makki Masjid. About 2400 pounds of meat were distributed in the Bronx at masjids Tauba, Rushdie and Rahma.
ICNA relief delivered Udhiyah meat to almost 80 families in Glendale and Chandler, many of them refugees from Somalia and Eritrea. Each family received between five to seven pounds of meat.
New Jersey
Meat distribution took place in three locations in the state including New Brunswick, Union City and Plainfield. In New Brunswick, ICNA Relief NJ teamed up with the Muslim Student Association of Rutgers University to distribute 350 pounds of meat at The Second Reformed Church of New Brunswick. The MSA regularly collaborates with the church’s food pantry for volunteer efforts. The food pantry graciously agreed to keep excess meat in its freezers to benefit people who were unable to come that day. The food pantry director, Kathy, explained that many relocated refugee children from Mexico and Guatemala frequented the pantry.
150 and 500 pounds of meat were handed out at Plainfield and Union City, respectively.

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