“May Allah Bless ICNA Relief and the volunteers.” These were the words of Sheikh Mustafa, Imam of Masjid Bilal (North Zone) in Houston, where scores of ICNA Relief volunteers are taking care of more than 300 families and individuals, including children and women, who are seeking shelter from the fury of Hurricane Ike. The deafening sound of generators combined with the wind gusts piercing through the doors and the windows made it difficult for volunteers to make Suhur, the early morning breakfast for Muslims fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

The situation was no different in the other two shelters opened by ICNA Relief in cooperation with the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH). Late Friday night, when Ike started roaring through the city, power went out, windows started falling apart and many frightened residents of the neighborhood started rushing to the shelter, they were welcomed by ICNA workers.

Not withstanding the limited resources, ICNA Relief and ISGH were able to open the three shelters with all the basic necessities and a generator. Hundreds are being served Suhur and Iftar. Scores were helped with evacuation to these shelters and the only source of power are the generators. Local TV channels and radio stations took note of the services provided by Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and highlighted the contributions made by the Muslim community. One channel highlighted that these were the only shelters open by any faith-based group.

In cooperation with ISGH, ICNA Relief has set up shelters in the following masajid:

Masjid Bilal  (ISGH North)
11815 Adel Road, Houston, TX77067
Ph. 281-537-1946

Masjid Al-Mustafa (Bear Creek)
17250 Coventry Park , Houston , TX77084
Ph. 281-859-8203

Masjid Al-Taqwa (ISGH South West)
10415 Synott Road, Sugarland, TX77478
Ph. 281-495-3403

For further information contact:
Ayub Badat  917-602-4450

NOTE: These places are not authorized shelters: However, our doors are open to anyone who feels the need to live in a more comfortable setting that offers security and shelter. We are providing basic help by means of food, water and electric generators in these centers. Individuals may bring pillows and bedding to sleep or rest. Under no circumstances will ICNA and/or ISGH be liable for the safety of the people.

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  1. From time to time power outages do happen. They may last for hours, days, and in extreme cases—sometimes even weeks. Well, you have a choice: you could either sit there and cross your fingers in the dark, hoping that the electricity comes back on quick. Or you can be prepared with a powerful generator that would automatically switch on and at once restore power to your home or business.

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