Still cleaning up from Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana prepares once again for another powerful storm. Taking no chances, residents flee low-lying flood prone areas.

Where will they all go? Who will be there to help? ICNA Relief USA is already on the ground.
Gustav has already killed 81 people by triggering floods and landslides in Caribbean nations.The U.S. National Hurricane Center said the storm could get even stronger when it hits the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, possibly becoming a Category 5 hurricane with winds above 155 mph.
Gustav was projected to plow into the Gulf of Mexico at full force, and reach the U.S. coast Monday afternoon. A hurricane watch was issued from Texas east to the Florida-Alabama border.
The first of two mandatory evacuations of New Orleans was being carried out Sunday morning as people along Louisiana’s coastline prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Gustav, now moving over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
In the city where Hurricane Katrina killed about 1,600 people, at a news conference on Saturday, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin urged people to take the storm seriously because it is not known how strong it will get before coming ashore.
Ever since Hurricane Katrina, ICNA Relief USA has been on the ground assisting in the recovery and rebuilding efforts. Resources are already limited as another storm threatens to devastate this impacted city for decades to come. ICNA Relief USA’s local units are coordinating with 15 Islamic organizations in the New Orleans, Louisiana area to house evacuees InshaAllah. Each Islamic center is prepared to host 25 to 30 evacuees, but they are in desperate need of support. ICNA Relief USA has committed to feed evacuees for at least 2 days, and hopes to continue this effort as more resources become available. ICNA Relief needs your support to help those in need, many of whom have already had to rebuild their lives since Katrina’s destruction.

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