JAMAICA, New York (December 9, 2011) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) issued a press release today criticizing Lowe’s for pulling advertising from All-American Muslim, and urging the American Muslim community to contact the company and express its disappointment with this decision.

“We find it incredibly disturbing that Lowe’s has caved to the calls of Islamophobes and pulled advertising from All-American Muslim, an American reality show on TLC that is working to dispel stereotypes and counter hatred against the American Muslim community,” said ICNA Vice President for Public Affairs Naeem Baig.
All-American Muslim provides insight into the struggles of a minority religious community as it works to establish its American identity while adhering to its faith. If Lowe’s claims to be a retailer for all Americans it should support such programs, but by withdrawing its advertising Lowe’s has shown that it is not welcoming of all Americans or of minority faith groups.
We urge the American Muslim community and our friends, family, neighbors and all people of conscience to call Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock at (704) 758-2084 or Executive Support Mr. Andrew Kilby at (866) 900-4650 and respectfully complain about this decision.
Here are the talking points:
“I am calling to complain regarding Lowe’s decision to pull advertising from TLC’s All-American Muslim. The defamatory remarks made regarding this show are false and hateful towards our community. By caving to Islamophobes, Lowe’s is essentially supporting and disseminating negative stereotypes about American Muslims.
This show is neither ‘propaganda’ nor a ‘clear and present danger to the liberties and traditional values’ of Americans. As Americans we value tolerance, understanding and coexistence, all of which are cultivated through All-American Muslim. What portion of Lowe’s advertising guidelines is adverse to these ideals?
I will not support a corporation that panders to bigotry and the demands of hate groups. I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision and reinstate advertising for All-American Muslim.”
You may also email by clicking here.
If Lowe’s stands by its decision, we urge all Americans who stand for justice to boycott Lowe’s by canceling their memberships and taking their business elsewhere. We firmly believe that a corporation that does not care for the support of the American Muslim community should not be given the privilege of receiving it.
We also ask that you counter the hateful calls of Islamophobes and show your support for All-American Muslim by tuning in to TLC on Sundays at 10/9 Central.

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  1. I am calling to complain regarding Lowe’s decision to pull advertising from TLC’s All-American Muslim. The defamatory remarks made regarding this show are false and hateful towards our community. By caving to Islamophobes, Lowe’s is essentially supporting and disseminating negative stereotypes about American Muslims.
    This show is neither ‘propaganda’ nor a ‘clear and present danger to the liberties and traditional values’ of Americans. As Americans we value tolerance, understanding and coexistence, all of which are cultivated through All-American Muslim. What portion of Lowe’s advertising guidelines is adverse to these ideals?
    I will not support a corporation that panders to bigotry and the demands of hate groups. I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision and reinstate advertising for All-American Muslim.

  2. ASAK,
    I really don’t understand why we(Muslims) doing these reality shows. I saw only one episode and switched-off within 15-20 minutes. We don’t have to proof anyone that we are pious and good. We should always remember Allah and follow Prohphet Muhammad(SAWS) path. Our Ummah leaders lost vision and doing the same what others are doing. So, please stop your energy in these types of games and we need to concentrate more on Dawaah. This country is based on “freedom to practice any religion”. We should understand and focus on Dawaah. Maybe I’m wrong in my own ways or not understood your message correctly; but certainly we should not involve these type of practices.

  3. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to participate and register my dismay on Lowe’s bad decision. We have to adopt the means available to us to protest in a peacefully. I have not watched the program but I know that it will show the public side of Muslims to fellow Americans. Peace!

  4. assalamoalaikum
    im making this comment from the ICNA-YM branch in edmonton, ab, canada
    seriously, have any of you even watched this ridiculous show? It is a terrible misrepresentation of muslim toleration ie. saying that we are ok with allowing tattoos, owning bars and clubs, etc if any of you had even watched the show properly you would realize it is so far from the message of our deed in terms of trying to justify various haram acts that we shouldnt even be supporting it! Please Mr. Baig consider what Iève said and dont give more publicity to this show

  5. Even though I’ve seen the show twice, I’m neutral in it’s existence something like what Eemaan said. However, I call the world as I see it. I haven’t took up the imitative to watch the show anymore. Only G’d knows why, but I support Muslims in doing this project because I respect their way of seeing Islam. None of us is going to know our fate until that day of judgment. Oh did I state that I’ve read the entire list of companies pulling the ads. Here in NYC I see many ads promoting other religions. For the past 2 days, I’ve been looking for Islamic based homeschooling animated characters teaching classes like other religions promoting their faith based education online. I think we need to focus more on the needs of our people (Muslims) and their education instead of trying to tell people who we are. The people who refuse to accept, respect, and allow equality with our religion, the H __ with them. They will have to answer to G’d for the treacherous acts they do against us. Pulling our billboards? How about taking down those naked bodies of women, men,and children. The nerve of these executives, because that’s where the orders came from. Anyway guys, I’m glad I vented my frustration towards people who refused to accept Muslims as positive role models. I’m tired of explaining, but I’m going to sign this and every petition keep it coming guys. GREAT JOB ICNA!

  6. This is so stupid!! Lowe’s is just ONE of FIFTY FOUR other companys that did this! Im sure the reason they did was because of all the controversy associated with the show. It has nothing to do with religon people COME ON!! All this is uncalled for! Just think about it, if you ran a fortune 50 company wouldnt you want to try to keep your name from being associated with anything so controversial no matter what the show was about?

  7. First, Loew’s is too pricey and i prefer Home Depot.
    Second, i like this show. It proves that all of us Muslims are not perfect. I agree it is haram to open a club and serve alcohol. It is stated in the Quran about this. However this is merely a TV show and having family in the entertainment industry.. you should know that reality TV is indeed scripted. And i have tatoos but am a convert so dont judge man….
    Lastly, Allahu Alem but since this show has started i notice a certain demographic of non Muslims who actuallt do not stare at me and whisper… some guy at a Gas Station said Hey Whats Up? I said Hey not much just trying to stay warm. And he said i like ur show. LoL. It was super cool.
    More important things in the world to protest, pray and chat about.

  8. I may not agree with some actitudes of some of the muslims of that show, however is good that people see that as in any other religion group we (muslims)are normal,people who follow our sunnah religiously and people who are not,that we have levels,is not about good or bad muslims,every thrue muslim is triying to be better and never stop,I support this kind of show just because it is a fact that people need to know better who we are specialy in U.S.A.and any act of bigotry and hate should be ban.

  9. Eemaan here again, from edmonton, ab, canada
    after reading all the racist, anti-muslim comments by ordinary people actually supporting lowe’s decision, I would like to partially retract my statement. Yes, the show has a lot of haram things BUT Lowe’s decision to pull their ads because it is about bad-but-nontheless muslims is pathetic.

  10. This show does not reflect the right Muslims is just showing how this majority of people are living in Detroit and yes there is lots of haram things .. For the decision of lows I think it has a lot to do with racist because there is lots of shows on TLC are not worthy to watch and it’s just a waste of time .. At least this show shows some people how do some Muslims think and live even it’s not right but they need to because they don’t know anything about Islam ..

  11. I am glad my husband found this so I could write these corporations and let the ones I had shopped at know they were being shameful by pulling their ads. Horrible behavior. I Have written each one and let them know I would no longer shop at their establishments if they do not offer their commercial support back. I am sick to death of twisted bigoted people who are simply uneducated and close minded. Please know there are many many people who support religious freedom here in America and would never judge someone on their beliefs. I am an Atheist personally, I go with science. I am ridiculed at times for my beliefs as well. I support anybodys religion for themselves as long as you hurt no persons or animails in it’s name it is fine by me. 🙂 I never had a problem with Muslims and I really enjoy the show. I have learned so very much.

  12. I agree with the comment from Eemaan Khan that this show does not promote Islamic values. I watched it on youtube for a few minutes but turned it off after the girl put her tattooed thigh on public display.
    I’m getting tired of irresponsible people who are supposedly acting on behalf of the deen who put us in bad positions. Whether it is the $100 million mosque in New York using money that could have easily financed the construction of sixty masajid nationwide at $1.7 million each that is then taken up by bigots and attacked as the “ground zero mosque” or this abominable TV project, WHERE IS THE PRIOR CONSULTATION WITH LEGITIMATE MUSLIM LEADERSHIP?
    Of course, that in no way excuses the bigots who must be resolutely opposed and condemned. But it should be made clearly and abundantly known by leading Muslim organizations to those proposing such projects that unless their project is approved in advance that public disclaimers will be issued to minimize the value to bigots of attacking such projects.

  13. While I do not support the show I do stand up against Lowes’ decision. I think regardless of your views about All American Muslim, you should stand firmly against Lowes. We have to be united as an Ummah. For too long we have been divided.

  14. I’m glad ICNA is taking a stand against this.
    I do not agree with the way TLC is only focusing on a group of Arab-Muslim families in Dearborn and does not show the diversity of the Muslim Ummah.
    HOWEVER, it is important that we call Lowe’s and tell them that it is unacceptable for them to bend over backwards to a right-wing BIGOTED group.
    We should vote with our dollars and with our voices. Why is Lowe’s caving into a group that does not represent the majority of its customers?
    Lastly, these bigots don’t care whether you have a beard or drink alcohol or wear hijab. As long as you identify yourself as a Muslim, they will not accept you. Stay united and support one another.

  15. Asa’kum brothers and sisters,
    I have seen the show only once…it was a sad and happy feeling..to watch all the diff levels of iman is existence in this community of muslims…we need to do more to educate ourselves and our children on the Sunnah and the Quran…we need to do more to get people involved in musjids and its activities so lives do not get confusing like these people who are getting married and converting for the sake of making the parents happy and not Allah’s pleasure…it is also interesting to see the diff levels of iman (faith) and the choices that people make due to lack of knowledge about their faith…the girl who wants to open a bar knows deep down it is wrong but does not have the courage to stop herself from doing wrong. But the girl who is pregnant is more conservative and does not like the idea of the belly dancer at the wedding and feels it is in bad taste and against Islam. Diversity in Islam is what the show is about and how people need to improve the level of faith…..nothing wrong with that. Alhamdulillah.

  16. Muslims are part of our country. They participitate in the enrichment of our society and economy and we should embrace thier contributions. The capitulation of these advertisers to the forces of bigotry must be protested.

  17. I have not seen the show, so I am not prepared to comment on it’s content.
    What I can say that Lowe’s and ALL of the companies that pulled their ads are acting in a very UNAMERICAN manner.
    Isn’t this the country that is supposed to be founded on the belief in FREEDOM OF RELIGION? Or is it only a myth? You can only practice (or view on TV) a religion that WE approve of?
    Elizabeth is partly right in her comment. Why are we just focusing on Lowe’s. Let’s go after ALL of the companies that proved they are cowards when they pulled there ads!

  18. I have not seen the show so i can’t comment on its content. However i will not support a corporation that panders to bigotry and the demands of hate groups. I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision and reinstate advertising for All American Muslim.

  19. I have been a loyal customer of lowes for years, however as of today i no longer am. This morning i went out of my way to go to a home depot instead. I will continue to do this unless lowes reconsider its decision and reinstate its advertising for All American Muslim

  20. First of all I have not seen this ad, secondly if this is offensive to our beliefs and actions. I second the notion as a builder to bycott Lowes and all other american companies who use religion to promote their services. It is an utter shame what we as american have come down to in destroying what little is left of the American Dream. Freedom and Dignity is the right of every religion. United we stand divided we fall.

  21. For Whom it may concern,
    From what I’m witnessing, you’re all probably flooded with responses and may not even reach mine to read this. Hopefully you do. First I would like to say is, I see both perspectives on the side. I am a Muslim, I was born in the Middle East however I was raised in the States. Growing up in America was a blessing, according to my family. Meanwhile, I feel at home in the states culturally because of my religion and culture. My first perspective is the American way, yes, I do know that every American and non – American citizens are crushed with what had happened at 9/11, may all who died Rest in Peace and may God send his blessings down to their family members. But, you cannot blame a group of Muslims for what happened. I agree, the background of Muslims and the Qurran have some violence. Then again, so did most other religious groups back in the days fighting for their rights for their own religion. I’m getting off track and rambling on and on, but isn’t America known for being the glorious country since 1776? Isn’t America the melting pot? According to Ted Liue, the State Sen, he called the move “bigoted, shameful, and un- American” (Source – http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lowes-muslim-20111213,0,5909694.story) Do you know what’s shameful? What’s shameful is going against the First Amedment this country has formed. Amedment one, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to asssemble, and to petition the Government for the redress of grievances.” Such a beautiful Amedment, am I correct? I have to agree, not much voice of a man, woman, or child can be heard in the Muslim countries. That’s why Muslims are settling in America. I don’t know about the small ratio of Muslims who don’t like America. However, the majority, like myself and my family adore America for what it is known for. I know that Lowes is not prohibiting the free exercise and all, but looking back into history how African Americans where treated in America , I’m sort of feeling this treatment right now. What happened to the gorgeous melting pot? Why such hate against ALL Muslims? Should we hate Christians because the KKK considered themselves that they are Christian and base their doctrines upon their own ideas of the Old Testament in the bible? No, we should not. You cannot blame ONE group of a certian race/ethnicty/religion for half the world’s population. All I’m saying is, what really is bigoted, shameful, and un – American is what Lowes did. Lowes, you made us Muslim Ameicans look embarresed. How are we all supposed to settle in this beautiful country with all this hate among us? First, the people, now the local stores? Honestly, I felt like this move was NOT a positive impact, it was a negative impact. Thanks for taking the time to read through this and I hope you get another perspective on this situation. I’m proud to be a Muslim, and I’m proud to be an American.

  22. The show depicts average Americans who also happen to be Muslim. They love their country, want the best for their children and have the same issues and concerns as any other citizen of the United States. Wasn’t America founded on religious freedom? Maybe it’s the people at Lowe’s who made this decision that are practicing an anti-American, subversive agenda?
    I happen to be a female of Jewish and Irish protestant heritage. I don’t practice any organized religion, but will fight for the right of others to practice theirs free from prejudice. Assalamu alaikum, Namaste, Peace on earth good will towards all Mary M.

  23. @ Eemaan Khan. Eemaan you have totally misunderstood the idea behind the show. This is in reality who the Ummah is, and this is how actually we all are. Islam is a faith of a billion muslims where you will find very devout and very careless, very observing and those who dont care at all, we all know devout muslims and we all know those who have been very lax with their faith. No one is justifying Tatoos or buying/selling liquor or bars as you have mentioned. She is liberal muslim who wants to open a bar – have you beento UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt and many more Islamic countries where they buy and sell aloohol. The point i am trying to make it they are showing the human face of Islam, where like any other religion, some are devout some are not. If you dont want to watch it please dont but before you make that decision try to understand what the show is portraying, its not portraying Islam, its protraying lifes of muslims who are struggleing – like us – with their faith and trying to establish a blance between their faith and their life and it portrays those who are very devout and those who are not. You are reading too much into it.

  24. Wrong is wrong. Racism is wrong.Hatred is wrong. Fear is wrong. It’s shameful when politics and economy get involved with hate. I’m disappointed in Lowes and any hate-spreading company. The little people who work there may be nice, and some may be muslims. Little do they know who they work for. If they don’t change their position, I will not return and will discourage everyone from shopping at the bigotted LOWES.

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