JAMAICA, New York (November 19, 2012) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) thanked President Obama for raising the issue of human rights violations against the Rohingya population on his trip to Burma today.

The United Nations has called the Rohingya one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Through systematic oppression the Burmese government has deprived the Rohingya of basic human and civil rights and forced them into lives of poverty. The government has also turned a blind eye to bloodshed and violence in the Arakan state, where thousands of Rohingya have been tortured and killed in recent years.

“We commend President Obama for shedding light on the plight of Burmese Muslims during his trip last weekend. By advocating for the Rohingya, President Obama has taken the much-needed first step towards a better future for the severely persecuted community,” said Dr. Zahid Bukhari, President of ICNA.

“Our work is not yet over,” Dr. Bukhari continued. “We must continue to pressure Burmese officials to end oppression of ethnic and religious minorities across the country. We urge President Obama to follow up on promises made by the Burmese government. The normalization of US-Burma political and economic relations can only come once progress has been made regarding human rights.

ICNA also urges the US State Department to send a delegation to the troubled areas of Burma.

ICNA Council for Social Justice launched an online petition on the White House website calling President Obama to raise this issue during his visit to Burma: http://wh.gov/XxnB

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  1. separate the issues, He spoke the truth on the issue, so give credit where it is due! – read this: “His strongest comments were about the Muslim Rohingya minority, whose treatment he compared to the racism that once held back African-Americans like himself.
    “What we’ve learned in the United States is that there are certain principles that are universal – that apply to everybody, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from,” Mr Obama said.
    “No matter what religion you practise. The right of people to live without the threat that their families may be harmed or their homes may be burned simply because of who they are.”

  2. If u think that Obama said this for purely humanitarian reasons you are sorely mistaken. If there was no natural resources there do you think the world leaders would be there in the first place ?

  3. @azeem Khan islam holds no duality. Hence we speak as Muslims. How can we accept this and say thank you when his comments on Palestine say the absolute opposite ? When we do salah we state our intention . Whats important is intention as well. The question now should be what his intention was in both instances. Remember the signs of the hypocrites. He is a living example.

  4. Why should we thank Obama & why ICNA pleaded him/US gov. for this issue. Don’t we see what is going on in all Muslim countries & don’t we know on whose command it is going on.If ICNA has to thank it should only be to our real Lord & we want to ask some one to raise this issue it must be OIC or Muslim countries as OIC is the association that some how represent Muslim Community of the world.
    ICNA must represent its true goal & it could not be represented in this secular way. thanking a government which is based on Takfir of Allah SWT.

  5. I did not know till today (12/12/12) that President Obama raised this issue with the Burmese authorities during his visit. I signed the petition myself and also left msg. I am glad he is listening and responsive. Burmese Muslims, Muslim community all over the world and human rights advocates should be thankful. Burma’s nearest Muslim country Bangladesh returned boat full of Burmese Muslim refugees, and other Muslim countries have no guts or will to help. Muslim countries are fractured, disunited, disorganised and corrupt. They should put their house in order. Palestinians are suffering b’caus their own Arab brothers betrayed them and butchered them in Jordan, Syria and other countries, and b’cause of the foolishness of the religious extremes like the Hamas. Let us help the wise and progressive leadership of Mahmood Abbas, and hope that Palestinian can have their own country.

  6. What did Obama say in his speech?!!! Did he ask the authority to treat the Muslims as humans or ()?!!!
    We Muslims should wake up and realize that our butcher cannot be our supporter regardless how nice he is… This is what Allah (swt) told us, should we believe Allah (swt) or should we believe the soft speech of our butchers?!!!!

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