JAMAICA, New York (August 9, 2011) – In a press release issued today, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) welcomed the Obama administration’s new strategies on countering terrorism in the United States.

“The American Muslim community has been foremost in condemning terrorism and working with local law enforcement to prevent violence, and welcomes the new strategies to counter extremism at the local level. We are pleased that the new approach does not demonize American Muslims and recognizes our community as a partner in the fight against extremism.
Promoting peace and condemning violence is inherent to the Islamic faith, and we are grateful that our country has taken such vital steps toward ensuring the safety of all Americans. As always, ICNA is ready to coordinate its efforts with the administration and work toward a safer society for our children and our selves, a society that is free from all forms of hate, bigotry and extremism.
As Americans we must also be aware of hateful bloggers and so-called experts on Islam, whose rhetoric has inspired local and international violence against Muslims and society at large. The dangerous influence of these individuals has cultivated both anti-American and anti-Muslim extremism, and must be condemned by all people of conscience. ICNA is pleased that the government’s plan to prevent extremism will give priority to proper and relevant training by appropriate, credible entities as opposed to such anti-Islamic propagandists.”
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