JAMAICA, New York (September 23, 2011) – The Islamic Circle of North America issued a press release today calling the Irvine 11 verdict “a selective application of justice.”
“We are deeply saddened by the guilty verdict in the Irvine 11 case, and our thoughts and prayers are with the students and their families.

It is a tragic day for freedom of speech in America and for the American people when political dissent is tried as a criminal offense. The guilty verdict undermines the very foundation of non-violent protest, which has been an integral part of America’s history and is continually promoted by America across the globe.
The censorship of dissident voices cannot be accepted in the United States, yet today we witnessed just that. This case was a selective application of justice, and this verdict is a blow to the civil rights of Americans across the country.
We pray for the Irvine 11 and stand in solidarity with them. They are champions for the First Amendment and for the values of our country.”
The Islamic Circle of North America is a leading American Muslim organization dedicated to the betterment of society through the promotion of Islamic values. Since 1968, ICNA has worked to build relations between communities by devoting itself to education, outreach, social services and relief efforts.

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  1. Sigh what did you think was gonna happen? These “kids” failed miserably in their attempt to “protest”. Now they have a criminal history… gj retards.

  2. assalamu alaikuum,
    Everything happen we belief from Allah,and there are perposes,a test or ..,which needs a sabar-patient, and we belief it woul be followed a good-an easiest as long as we have the sabar and have our self close to Creator, Allah. If someone talk bad to us we need to find out the nice way to answer or discuss nicely. If they insulted, yelling,mad and…, dont return or answer as they are, because whats the different between them and us. We ask Allah to always guide us to the right decision, to have jihat to our nafs, to protect us make decision while we are in emotion. indeed they put us on criminal record,but in eye of Allah we are in high rank than them., these kids are our shoulder and solders, may Allah give them comfort and strong muslim, ameen..?

  3. Assalaam alaikum. May Allah grant all of the courage to speak out against the wrong. The voice is only as strong as the faith one has. If this fight dies off so will we. Look at your children, how much love do you have for them? Why do think that Islam has spread? Did the Shahaba just sit? Only 23 yrs, and now much have become LAZY. ONLY LOVING THEMSELVES and the pebble in the sand.

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