MYFOXNY.COM – While most billboards you drive by on the New Jersey Turnpike advertise things like hotels or cars, the billboards getting attention recently advertise a certain religion and are stirring up controversy.

One billboard shows an American flag with the words “Islam? Get the facts.” Another reads “Ramadan– 1.57 billion celebrating– find out why.” The Islamic Circle of North America put them up. They want you to call their information hot line.
Mohamed El Filali from the Islamic Center of Passaic County said it is all about educating people.
“Prejudice is built on misinformation or ignorance,” Mohamed El Filali said. “I think it’s extremely important for people to hear information from the source as to what is Islam, who are Muslims and what have you.”
But some aren’t convinced the public is ready to be educated. The pain of 9/11 is still too raw. Some told Fox 5 that the billboards shouldn’t be up there.
Drivers on the turnpike aren’t the only ones who will see these billboards. Similar ads are going up on highways in dozens of other states.
Article Courtesy: FOX NY

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  1. I see Christian billboards up all of the time…Muslims have every right to do this. When people say: “the pain of 9/11 is still too raw”, they are not taking any efforts to get rid of their bigotry and Islamophobia. Also, many Muslims were killed in 9/11 as well…
    There is nothing wrong with this.

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