By Shaykh Abdool Rahman Khan, ICNA Shariah Council
May 10, 2013 – Happiness is the pursuit of every creation of Allah. Each acts according to what it considers to bring about happiness to its existence from the world of Angels, animals, birds and particularly Jinn and Mankind. It is the point where we the creation of Allah (SWT) reach. Attaining happiness can be dynamic, turning human energy to serve The Creator and be of benefit to His Creation; be true Khlifatul Ardh (vicegerent of the earth).

Unfortunately we as human beings seem to have lost our way to true happiness and in the process we find ourselves in a colossal global depression. As a consequence, our connection to our Creator is very unstable and our connection to the creation has resulted in wars, exploitation, injustice, extreme violence and political tragedies.

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In this global turmoil many people have given their recipe for Happiness but unfortunately they inevitably lead to more depression. Such lack of happiness impact heavily on us, as individuals, as a society, as a nation and the entire world. We fail to be true vicegerents on earth.
It is hoped that by this Convention we will address the issue of Happiness by our competent leading Scholars and the evil consequences of the lack thereof from an Islamic viewpoint. It is hoped that the Convention will bring to light that The Maker Allah (SWT) has informed what happiness is, how it should be sought for, the role of the messenger Muhammad (SAS) in demonstrating the pursuit of happiness and what are the good outcome of happiness in this world and the next. By Allah’s Grace we would bring back the desire for true happiness; a happiness that will make this world a better place and a Happiness that will live on in the Hereafter.

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Qira’atul Quran Competition

Are you a tajweed superstar? Test your skills at the ICNA-MAS Convention Qira’atul Quran Competition!
Group “A”
Age 8 – 10 Years
Juz 30
Surah An-Naba to Surah An-Nas
Winner: $200
Runner-up: $100
Group “B”
Age 11 – 13 Years
Juz 29
Surah Al-Mulk to Surah Al-Mursalat
Winner: $200
Runner-up: $100
Group “C”
Age 14 – 16 Years
Juz 28
Surah Al-Mujadilah to Surah At-Tahreem
Winner: $200
Runner-up: $100
You must be registered with the 38th Annual ICNA-MAS Convention to participate in the Qira’atul Quran Competition. Contestants will compete within their gender group.
The online registration deadline is May 17th for the Qiraat competition; you may also pay $10/child onsite Saturday, May 25 between 11 AM and 1 PM at the convention center.
The maximum number of contestants per age group is 30. Registration will be closed once we reach our limit! Click here for rules and guidelines or to register.

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