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On Saturday, the Islamic Center of the East Valley held an open house called “Meet a Muslim.”
It was an opportunity for non-Muslims to learn more about Islam and what it means to be Muslim.

Shahir Safi of Why Islam said, “Our efforts here are more educational. To say, ‘hey, look, American Muslims are 5 to 7 million strong. There are over 50,000 here in the metro Phoenix area. They’re your doctors; they’re your engineers; they’re your acccountants; your fellow neighbors; your teachers; and what have you. And we are parts of society and the fabric of what make America great.'”

Fredrik Bouw, who attended the event, said, “To me was the respect, the reverance given to the Jewish and the Christian prophets like Adam, Moses, Abraham and Jesus as the foundation for Islam. In addition to Mohammad being the last messenger. I think that was much more of an understanding I got by being here.”
The event was put on by a group called “WhyIslam.”
Members of the group aim to provide accurate information about their religion.
Article Courtesy: KPNX

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